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Yahweh Yeshuati (Yahweh, our Salvation, whom some know as Jesus) is bringing unity to His people. However, unity is not about everyone tolerating each other’s different beliefs. True unity is about bringing all God’s people into one Way of belief in His Torah as His true Word.

Unity means one body of Messiah in one Way of belief through the same knowledge of God. The only Way to achieve this is through His Torah, God’s true Word. 

Yeshua's (Jesus's) gospel message is not only that He came to die for His people. There was so much more to His message, because He needed to make sure His people knew His Covenant first. God's people had strayed very far from His Torah––again, which was the reason for their last captivity. When they came out of captivity, they were still very far from God’s Torah, and therefore still in sin. So God needed to reteach His people of His Torah.

His Message is God's Way, or The Way of Yahweh, as God calls it in Bereshit (Genesis) 18:19. The Way is mentioned over 120 times throughout the Old Testament, and about 25 times in the New Testament. Any religion other than the Way of Yahweh, God calls idolatry.

God's Way is His Torah, and so the message of the Way of Yahweh is God's Torah. And God's Torah is His one and only Covenant with His people.   

Many have asked me why there is nothing in the Bible about Hebrew roots, but if you stop and think about it––I mean, really think about it, why would they have to mention it? The disciples were all Hebrews and already knew God’s Torah because Yeshua had restored the correct Torah to them. At this present time in history, believers are just now finding out what God's true message is––and Who He really is!

Restoring the Torah to His people is something that God has always done throughout the history of the Bible....He is always restoring His Word (Torah) to His people because mankind always strays from the Truth looking for a better way.

The teachings in the books on this site do not match any other Messianic teachers because they do not include the Pharisaic (Jewish) traditions of man that Yeshua spoke against (Matthew 15:3 & 6;; Mark 7:8-9, 13;; Colossians 2:8). Most of today’s Messianic teachers all teach from these Pharisaic (Jewish) traditions of man.

Yeshua’s (God’s) message has always been the same. Throughout history and the Bible, He continually tried to steer His people in the direction of His Torah. Nothing has changed. God is still in the business of steering His people in the direction of His Torah––whether it be the written Torah, or the spiritual Torah written on His true believers’ hearts, it is still His Torah.

Each time God’s people strayed from His Torah, God sent a prophet (or several prophets) to warn them of their impending doom. Then He would have that same prophet give them a message of hope, IF (and only IF) they turned back to Him and His Torah.

Today it is still the same. There is NOT a new covenant, nor was there ever a new covenant. God’s covenant has always been the same (see Grace, the Essence of Torah for this truth). God’s religion (if you must call it that) has always been called the Way of Yahweh (Genesis 18:19, as well as over 120 more times in the OT, and about 25 times in the NT). Nothing has changed. God does not change;; He is, therefore He does not budge one way or another, which means He never changed, added to or voided any part of His Covenant.

The Way of Yahweh is where God is leading us, and the Hebrew roots movement, IF they can get back on the narrow path, is where Yeshua wants all His people to be, and this is where He is guiding all true believers. The Rabbis do not have the truth. The Truth can be found only in the Scriptures––the Hebrew Scriptures, as in the Old Testament.

The Hebrew Scriptures, the Old Testament, the Word, the Way of Yahweh and God’s Covenant are all just other names for God’s Torah.

I hope you will take the time to peruse this site and learn what God's Torah is really all about, and discover Who Yeshua Really is!

The Message

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Hine ma-tov uma-naeem shevet achim gam-yachad

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!

Bible Study

Besides the Bible, many other books are used in an Hebraic Bible study in order to find the Truth within the Hebrew words, and of course within the book you are studying.

A concordance, an actual Bible in Hebrew, books about Hebrew, Interlinear Bibles, and other books showing what the Bible is really all about are good to use.

Why do we need all these? Because most people claim the Bible is hard to understand, so I use seven versions of the Bible, including an Hebrew/English version (three are on my computer), the Strong's Concordance, a book showing the ancient meanings of the Hebrew letters, a book all about Judaism, A.W. Tozer's books, as well as several of the books I wrote myself for these studies.

These books help unlock the mysteries of the Bible.

Feasts of God

The Christian Story

This section is in the process of changing...updated  & new articles coming soon!

Celebrate the Feasts of God

The Fall Feasts

The Spring Feasts

updated September 6, 2020


(Unleavened Bread)



Yom Bikkurim

(Day of Firstfruits)



Yom Teruach

(Day of Blowing)

Yom Kippur

(Day of Atonement)



God's Days of Rest



Added Feasts by the Hebrews





Rosh Chodesh

(First Restoration)

Current News Tidbits

Books by P. Chartrand are designed to bring God's people together into one Way of belief through the same knowledge of God.

These books contain a fresh message based on the Scriptures only.  

P. Chartrand goes beyond the man-made traditions of today's Messianic teachings, showing that the Torah is the only true Word of God.

For a sneak peek into these books, click on one of the Headings below:

Teaching Books

Gospel Novels

Hebrew Roots Journey in Novels

First Novel

Until the investigation into the allegations of the Jewish Orthodox Rabbis is complete, there are a few books that are not published at this time.  

If there is an unpublished book you would like to purchase, please contact me and it will be republished just for you.  An email will be sent back to you when the book is available.


Have you ever questioned any part of what you believe?

While some books tell you all about all the altered verses, errors and false teachings of Christianity, they fail to show you what the actual real Truth is.

I AM the WAY not only shows you all of the above and then some, it will show you where to find the real Truth in the Bible, which is the true Word of God.....not the New Testament, but the other end of the Bible, what most people call the Old Testament. Though most think the Old Testament is obsolete, this is actually where God put all His true teachings.

Click here for more information about this book

The Links below that are in Brown are those accusations of the Orthodox Rabbinic Community that have been proven wrong.  The Links in Pink are articles from the book I AM the WAY.  The Links in Red are Rabbi accusations that I already knew about and are in I AM the WAY.  

The Links in Green are miscellaneous articles, or updated articles.

April 14, 2020:  A NEW BOOK IS HERE!

The Lies of the Rabbi's

This is a book that everyone needs to read.  It is the result of intensive study of the Scriptures, and personal experience with the "YouTube Rabbis." These Orthodox Jewish Rabbis' actions are very dangerous to those who believe in Yeshua if you ever come in contact with them in any way.  Be sure you are grounded in Yeshua's Torah so you will know the LIES when you hear them.

There is new information in this book, and it could literally save your life if you ever come in contact with these Rabbis!  I've watched many of their videos and what I've seen is that most people are not able to prove these Rabbis wrong because they don't know enough of both the Torah and the New Testament.  This book will give you the ammunition needed to come up against these clever Rabbis––and prove them wrong!

Preview excerpt coming soon!


April 8, 2020:  Breaking News!  Passover Update!

This is a must read!!!

I had forgotten to buy grape or pomegranate juice for Passover, Matsot and Yom Bikkurim this year, and was very upset because I had just gone grocery shopping last week and am trying to stay home as much as possible right now.  

Then a thought began to come to me:  Are we really supposed to drink juice (or wine) with our Biblical meals?  Is it in Scripture?  So I did some more research on this and discovered something I have been missing for over 12 years!!!  Click here for this very important UPDATE!

September 6, 2020:  A NEW BOOK IS COMING!


2020 was one of the most tumultuous years the world has ever known. After the new year celebration of 2021 passed, some people were still bewildered and wondering "what on Earth just happened?"

This is a story about how communism invaded America in 2020. However, the enemy chose infiltration rather than an actual invasion, and this evil eventually spread across the world.

The Light came to expose the evil deeds of these communists who worship Evil, and as they lashed out at that Light, innocent bystanders were caught in the crossfires. Their country was dying and they needed a hero to save America, them and the world too!

What happened that year did not actually line up with Scripture. So was what they just lived through really the End Times? What really happened, and why? By the end of all the chaos, God knew He had captured not only America's, but the whole world's attention.

For many years God has been trying to tell the people of the Earth what they need to know to prepare for what is soon coming next––the REAL End Times!