I, P. Chartrand, am the author of all the articles and books on this site. With almost thirty years of Biblical study, including almost twelve years in Hebraic studies under the guidance of Yeshua Himself, I go beyond the present Messianic teachings in order to bring light to today’s dark areas of all the man-made traditions that can be found in the Jewish Talmud and the Christian New Testament. This is done in an effort to help Yeshua bring all His people into a unity of belief in the Torah Scriptures as His true Word, and into true worship of Yahweh Yeshua and His Way.

Some consider me a scholar and a teacher in the knowledge of Hebrew roots, because I dig deep into the Hebrew words of the Scriptures (rather than the Pharisaic traditions of man that is now called the Talmud). I compare my findings with seven different Bibles, in order to bring a fresh and authentic voice to my readers.

I am one of the few who said “Yes” to Yeshua’s request to give up my life in order to bring His true Message to you. It is a lonely life, but it is a rewarding life when one person hears of this truth and grasps onto it, making that person ever so closer to God!

The Temporary Detour

However, I am only human just like you. This past July and August (2019), due to tremendous stress (which I won’t go into here), I came under the influence of a deadly evil spirit. Today I call it a spiritual hiccup, but I came extremely close to walking away from Yeshua because an Orthodox Rabbinic Rabbi was very convincing. I had confused his memorization of the Jewish Bible, the Christian Bible (the New Testament and the Old Testament) with actual knowledge. I was so close to throwing out all the studying I had done, and all the books I wrote. This hiccup could have been the end of my life and my salvation!

About mid-August, Yeshua began to pull me out from under this spirit. Actually, He had been speaking to me all along because I questioned everything I was hearing, yet I couldn’t find the real Truth while under that thing. Fortunately, Yeshua began to open my eyes again and lead me to where I could find the truth in the Scriptures––and to the truth that I already knew in my own books!

I then researched all that this Rabbi had said and proved most of his statements completely wrong. Please beware of any Rabbis on Youtube––what they are teaching is completely false!!!

I had stopped writing in June 2019, but presently (November 2019) I have started a new book about God’s Glory, and one called The Lies of the Rabbis in response to some very dangerous Rabbis on Youtube. I am hoping both these books will be even better than all my other books, because I now have much more knowledge concerning the enemy that believers are up against.

I hope you will join me in studying our holy God’s Word!

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Updated December 25, 2019