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Where is Paradise––New Title & Cover Coming Soon!

Do believers know for sure that they are going to Heaven?  Is this something you can find in the Scriptures, or is this some Greek false doctrine taught to the masses?

The Letters

This was my first book about the Hebrew roots of the Bible.  It is in novel form, but it was my first reaction to this fascinating part of my journey into the Hebrewness of Yeshua (Jesus).  I use children as the characters, but this is by no means only a children's novel––it is for all ages.

A Novel

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Jacob & Esau's War

An Epic tale taken right out of the Bible.  From Genesis to Revelation, this story takes you on a journey you will never forget.  The story takes you through the last four thousand years of two brothers' struggle for the Father's love.  One wanted to obey the Father––at any cost.  The other wanted to take the place of the Father––at any cost.

A Novel

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The Last Shofar

A new and fresh look at the mysterious Book of Revelation from an Hebraic point of view.  It is a dramatization of John writing the Book of Revelation, from his own Hebrew perspective (since this was written before I discovered that the terms Jew, Jewish and Judaism were not in use until after the 9th century, I use the term Jewish throughout the book).    

A Novel

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While all my books are my journey in learning about our Hebrew God, these books were the beginning of my journey in discovering the Hebrew roots of the Bible.  If you read my books, beginning with these three, and then on through Freedom Thieves, you will go on the same journey I did––and discover some very wonderful and fascinating things about God.  This journey continues....!

Beyond The End

My very first book was based on my past (Greek) studies of the Book of Revelation.  While writing this book I began to learn about the Hebrew roots of the Bible, and thus a little of the knowledge I now have can be found in this End Times novel.

Two sisters are awakened by an earthquake, but they soon discover it was the direct result of a meteor that struck the Earth.  Their lives soon change forever, a by-product of a series of world events, and they turn to the Bible for answers to the bazaar things happening around them.

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First Novel

Hebrew Roots Journey in Novels

I AM the WAY:  Discipleship

The only way to truth is to uncover the lies and errors, so God is now in the process of taking us out of error. He allowed the errors within Judaism and Christianity to fester for about fifteen hundred years. Then He began to fulfill prophecy in a series of moves beginning in the 16th century with the Reformation.

By the 20th Century God's moves began to appear more frequently. Today in the 21st Century, God is sharing His Way with those who will become His last remnant at the end of this age. God is now revealing His will more blatantly because it it time for us to know and understand the real truth.

Discover the mysteries of the Bible, learn the secrets hidden within the Hebrew words and uncover the truth about God's Appointed Seasons (Feasts) in this one-book compendium full of the wisdom of God.

Journey deeply into the knowledge of God. Prepare for Yeshua's (Jesus's) imminent return by becoming a true disciple of Anokhi haGadol (the Great I AM).

For more information about this book, click here.

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Torah Revealed
An Hebraic Study of the Book of Bereshit (Genesis)

A great companion to I AM the WAY, Torah Revealed: Bereshit takes you through the whole book of Bereshit (Genesis), chapter by chapter.  It gives many of the meanings to the Hebrew words, revealing secrets not seen in our English versions of the Bible.

As you read and study this book along with Genesis in the Bible, Bereshit becomes very understandable and gives answers to many of the questions you may have had about Genesis.  

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Gospel Novels

The Sign of Ezekiel

Ezekiel was not only a sign to Israel, he was a very obvious sign.  So conspicuous was he, that this sign would burn into the memories of the Israelites.

Ezekiel was a priest and a prophet––a man of God before anything else.  God gave him a warning to deliver to the Israelites––and to the people of God today.

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Yeshua: The Real Easter Story

This gospel novel clarifies some of the false teachings and translation errors that crept into the Bible, synagogues and churches over the last two thousand years.  Hebrew life and laws during Yeshua's time on this Earth are taken into account, as well as the false teachings of the Pharisees, and the Greek-influenced, corrupt priesthood who were the Saddusees.  This story emphasizes Yeshua's death.

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Yeshua: The Real Christmas Story

As with the original gospels, this story is much the same as Yeshua: The Real Easter story, but with the emphasis on Yeshua's birth.

Together with Yeshua: The Real Easter Story, these two gospels give a more accurate and realistic view of the events in Yeshua's (Jesus's) Hebrew life while here on the Earth.

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What is all the fuss about Hebrew Roots?

Prequel to I AM the WAY

This little booklet is a brief introduction to I AM the WAY, explaining why

I AM the WAY is very important to all believers.

A great give-away to new believers!

Available NOW––ONLY $5.95!

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Updated April 17, 2022

Playing the Harlot

The Book of Revelation has never been interpreted correctly because prophecy experts are still trying to interpret a Hebrew book through their Greek minds and eyes.  We must dig into the Hebrew words behind the Greek words to find the Truth.

The main focus of Revelation is the fact that God's biggest concern has always been mankind's obsession with worshipping other gods––in other words, playing the harlot.  And playing the harlot has gotten so out of control that it has turned into a giant, horrible beast with seven heads!

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Freedom Thieves

2020 & 2021 were two of the most tumultuous years the world has ever known. As 2022 began, some people were still wondering, "What on Earth has happened to our world? Who are these people doing this to us?"

The real story is the who, what, where and why of it all.  What will happen to our world as we go up against the most evil of evil?!   Will these evil people be exposed? Where is our hope? Is there a future for us now?

While this sounds like a novel, it is a true story––and continues to this day if you are reading this in 2022!

Available NOW––ONLY $23.99!

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Updated April 17, 2022

The Lies of the Rabbis

This is a book that everyone needs to read. It is the result of intensive study of the Scriptures, and personal experience with the "YouTube Rabbis." These Orthodox Jewish Rabbis' actions are very dangerous to those who believe in Yeshua if you ever come in contact with them in any way. Be sure you are grounded in Yeshua's Torah so you will know the LIES when you hear them.

There is new information in this book, and it could literally save your life if you ever come in contact with these Rabbis!  I've watched many of their videos (something I do NOT reccomend anyone else do!) and what I've seen is that most people are not able to prove these Rabbis wrong because they don't know enough of both the Torah and the New Testament.  This book will give you the ammunition needed to come up against these clever and extremely arrogant Rabbis––and prove them wrong!

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