The food shortages that we are seeing in our grocery stores is real, however, they are man-made.

For those of you who have no idea what is really going on, the Evil Elites are burning up all the food processing plants and food co-op plants. They are killing chickens, claiming they have aviary flu. And they are making it impossible for farmers to afford fertilizer in order to farm vegetables, and the beef farmers cannot afford gas to ship their beef. They are shipping baby formula to the illegal aliens at our borders, as well as out of the country.

This is not a normal food shortage. In fact no food shortage in the US over the past one hundred sixty years or so, has ever been real––they elites have been trying to kill us all off (us being the peasants, if you will) so they can have all the money. Sounds ridiculous, but true.

You will soon not be able to buy seeds for your own vegetable gardens, but your vegetables are not food, as in food that provide nutrients to your body. Vegetables are only digestion aids––that's all they do because they are all made of cellulose, which is a substance that humans cannot digest. If you don't digest it, you do not absorb it's nutrients (read Appendix 4 in Freedom Thieves here). This is why the Elites want you to become vegans––they know you will be come weak, and will be easier to manage.

The good news is that even though these evil people have been trying to kill us off all this time, we have survived and even multiplied. Why is this?  Because our human bodies have the ability to heal themselves. Therefore, any type of poisons are put in our food, in our air or injected into us, or medications (made by their companies especially designed to kill us), our bodies have ways to detect foreign things in our blood and cells. Our cells create protein solvents (called viruses or exosomes) that dissolve toxic matter within our bodies. It is a slow process, but they will eventually heal if we stop eating poisonous foods (unfortunately, we have to pay more for these), try to keep ourselves from any man-made pollutions in our air, and do not take their vaccines or medications.

The Elites are about to release another pandemic (Monkey Pox or Small Pox), and plan to try to vaccinate all of the US with Small Pox vaccine. The Small Pox vaccine is what caused the Small Pox pandemic the first time. Need I say more? (Read Chapter 7 in Freedom Thieves here).

The Elites are trying to starve us and take all of our money. What is even more ridiculous is the fact that this is all to hide the fact that they must re-boot their system (so to speak), their economic system because it doesn't really work––it only lasts for about 50-60 years, and then they start a war to cover up the fact that they have to reset it again. Why? It is nothing but a scam––it is a corrupt system––they are stealing from us through Federal taxes, by way of the Federal Reserve.

Our US congress are the Front people for the Elites. They are the ones who do all the dirty work for them. Both sides are corrupt––only a handful of the Republicans are really working for we the people, but the rest are in cahoots with Congress.  All of the three letter agencies work for the Elites as well, and cannot be trusted. Most Hollywood celebrities, most Sports figures, most corporations (especially food companies), most main stream News channels, magazines and newspapers––you name it, all have been corrupted by these evil people.

If you can find a grass-fed meat company, buy up as much meat as you can NOW (I found a site that will ship to me).  Stock up on spring water, and try to grow your own veggies (while they don't provide any nutritional value to your body, you do need a few of them with your meals to aide in your digestion).

Do not let these people win! They are not even American citizens––they are trying to ruin our country and destroy it. (If you want to know who they are, read Chapter 4 in Freedom Thieves here). All of congress has been bought by China, also in cahoots with the Elites.

One last thing: Ukraine is where they launder all the money that Congress has been voting to give to other countries, and especially Ukraine! Which means we are paying for it! All that money does not stay in Ukraine, it comes right back to their own pockets! They are ignoring what is going on here in America, because they don't care about America––they only care about Ukraine!

Ukraine had at least 14 bio-labs where they had hoped to create a new virus to release upon us, but Putin blew up all those labs––that is what he was doing when people thought he was starting WWIII. He is actually done with his mission and is releasing information about all the elites have been doing over there. You probably haven't heard about it because our corrupt news people do not report on it, or anything else of true importance for that matter. I suggest you start searching for an alternative news source, because those we have depended on are lying to you––they have always been lying to you!

Do not let anyone take your guns away from you either! Without our guns (if you have them), we will be powerless. Our founding fathers knew something like this would happen, so they put it in our Constitution that we have the right to bare arms. Defend yourself if it comes to it––from forceful taking of your food, trying to vaccinate you, or anything that they do not have the right to do to you!

We are living in what Christians call "the End Times." It doesn't look like what they all thought it would, because God is not a Christian! He is using His own people to judge the world! Yes He is using a handful of Jews––NOT all Jews, but many German Jews who came (or their families did) from Germany and belong to the sect of the Reform Synagogue. These people do not believe in God and are extremely EVIL.

Food Shortages

May 20, 2022