If you think I am crazy to say that technology is killing us and the Earth (in my newest book Playing the Harlot), or you don’t think the world will end, it is closer than you think. Our governments are trying to kill us and they are in fact speeding up the dying of our planet––all in the name of weather warfare.

Today it is being called climate control, but that is not how it started, nor is it true. Climate control is just the government’s idea of explaining what they’ve been doing to us and our planet for the past 90 years (give or take)––because they have been found out. While God has given the Earth an expiration date of 6000 years, today the scientists are saying that something must be done to stop climate change, but in fact the chemtrails (contrails), or geoengineering is the very thing that is adding to all this climate change––and it is killing us and our planet!

Our governments are deliberately manipulating the weather, trying to fix what God started but they are actually making it worse! And in the process they are killing all life on the Earth!

I’ve always suspected that government was up to no good, and I knew that there was something wrong with the term "climate change," but I only discovered this geoengineering phenomenon about a month or so ago. If anything, it has convinced me that mankind does not have long on this Earth, because even if we succeed in stopping the engineering of our climate, this Earth is still destined to die.

Government does NOT have our best interests at heart.

You need to stop what you are doing right now and go over to geoengineeringwatch.org . The guy who runs this site has tons of videos, information and documented proof about this. And you should also take a look at this video: Frankenskies ––It says it all.  There is also a documentary coming out soon, but I don't have a link for it....watch for it on geoengineeringwatch.org or YouTube.  This is not to scare you, only to inform you.

However, we really can't do much about this, because mankind is determined to kill all life forms on this Earth even before the Earth is expected to die. While God ordained the Earth to die, mankind is still supposed to have more time––don't let our governments kill us before the Earth is dead!

Truthfully, our only hope is to turn back to God before we and the Earth die, because the only way God will save our home (Earth) is if we all repent and turn back to Him!

The real scientists are stating that the Earth's ozone layer has less than ten years before it is completely depleted. If the ozone layer is gone, the sun's UVB rays will sterilize the Earth...

God gave the Earth and mankind only 6000 years, because He knew it wouldn't take us long to kill ourselves and the Earth.  

Most people fear extinction, but that's not exactly what God has in mind...

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Updated July 19, 2019