The Great Commission is a false teaching.


How can I say that, you ask?

Besides the fact that the verses to back up this claim were either added or changed in about the fourth century AD, and that many Greek Biblical scholars know (and have known for quite some time) that these verses were not even in the original manuscripts of the gospels, Yeshua had not yet told anyone to take the Good News to the heathens:

​​It wasn’t until several years later, when Yeshua gave Peter a vision about taking the Good News to all people, including the heathens, that He gave the commission. Before this happened, Yeshua actually said, if He said anything at all, was, “teach the house of Israel all that He had taught them.”

If Yeshua had already told His disciples to go to the heathen, then why did He give Peter that vision several years later? And why did Yeshua tell His disciples to only go to His lost sheep only (house of Israel), not even to the Samaritans in Matthew 10:5-6? God's lost sheep are not heathens or Christians, they are Hebrews (Israelites).

Based on these findings, Mark 13:10 should read as, “And the gospel must be preached to all Israel.”

We must remember Who Yeshua is when we read the New Testament, because it has been altered, added to and completely changed to reflect a very Greek mindset. There were two reasons for Yeshua to come to the Earth, one being to restore His Covenant to His own people, the house of Israel. Because of all the false teachings of the Pharisees and Sadducees, God’s people had once again strayed very far from His Way.

So when Yeshua first came to the Earth, He was only concerned with restoring His own people to His original Covenant. Then, several years after He ascended to Heaven, He gave Peter the vision (or dream) telling him to take the Good News to all people. He was not told to take the gospel to only the heathens, as has been taught. In his dream, Yeshua had told him not to be afraid to take the News to all people, including the heathens. From that point on, the Good News about Yeshua (not our own testimonies) was taken, not only to the house of Israel, but to all people on the Earth.

Christians have dropped the ball, because of the false teaching of only taking the Good News to the heathens. They have completely missed the most important people group in God’s Eyes, the house of Israel.

But after 1967, when Israel gained control over Jerusalem, removing it from Arab (heathen) control, God’s focus shifted back to His own people, the house of Israel. Revelation 11:2 tells us “And they (heathens) will tread the holy city underfoot for forty-two new moons.” Well, the heathens no longer had control over the holy city (Jerusalem) after the Six Day War in 1967.

While Christians are still fulfilling the false Great Commission, taking the gospel to only the heathens, the rest of us (Messianics) are taking the Good News to the House of Israel, as God originally Commanded us to do.

God is releasing much knowledge, and many are discovering many false teachings within Christianity, and even within Judaism. The focus of Believers has been so wrong for so long, it is now time to bring us into line with what Yeshua really wants us to do.

Whether or not we are living in the End of the Ages, we must admit that we are very, very close. At no other time in history has so much knowledge been in the Spirit for all to tap into. At the present, all unfulfilled prophecies are now possible. While many have thought they were living in the End Times, this has never been truer in any other time in history, than it is now.

As in Biblical times, whenever heathens were nearby when the Good News was preached to any Israelite, and believed, they too will be saved. But our focus is to be on the House of Israel from this point on. And today, the House of Israel is call themselves Jewish.

Why do you think all the unwarranted hatred of the Jews is so prevalent today? The devil knows the end of the story, and the Jews win because they are God’s people, and He wins in the end. The devil is grasping at straws in a last ditch effort to destroy God’s people, so he can win. But he never will win. God wins in the end.

Six thousand years ago, this was prophesied by God Himself in Genesis 3:14-15. We have just about come to the end of this six thousand years - the time limit God gave the corrupt Earth and mankind.  Yeshua will soon restore the Earth to what it was before sin took over, the garden of Eden.

The Great Commission Lie

Updated 6-19-18