The Bible is full of Hebrew phrases and idioms that most grafted-in believers don't know about. But it is imperative that a person who wants to study the Bible know these things in order to understand Scripture (and the New Testament) correctly. Without the knowledge of these phrases, you cannot possibly interpret verses as they were originally intended by the ancient Hebrew authors. There are many things that grafted-in believers have believed for almost two thousand years, that are incorrect, partially because of this missing knowledge.

​​Abraham’s Bosom is a term usually referring to the dead in heaven. But the term bosom frequently refers to the folds of the Hebrew garment as they extend over and droop over the girdle. It is used for a receptacle for various items, just as pockets are used by Americans. The bosom was where the Hebrews carried or hid what was important to them. And fathers sometimes carried their children there. Yeshua called the place for the righteous dead, Abraham's bosom. The children of Israel (that includes grafted-in children), will be in a safe place where they are as loved as a cherished child is in his Father's bosom.

​​The Beast that the Mahdi will cause people to worship is Allah. But the Beast is also the Beast Empire, or Islamic Empire.

​​Believe is an action word to the Jews. The Hebrew word that is translated as believe, is aman. Aman means ‘to go to the right hand,’ or 'to take the right hand Way’––to be faithful to Yahweh, to trust in Him continually, and to obey His Commandments. Aman is also the root word for emunah, which means trust.

Berit Chadashah is the Restored Covenant and is the correct term when referring to what Yeshua brought to His people. Berit means Covenant, and Chadashah means to restore to its previous condition. Yeshua came to restore His original Covenant to His people––He came to restore His Way of Life.

Blessed is he that watches and keeps his garments is referring to the punishment awarded to the Temple guards if they are found asleep at their posts: one who falls asleep, would have his clothes set on fire by the captain of the Temple.

The Book of Enoch is a book that no one wants to believe - but it is real. It was real enough for Peter and Jude to take notice, and they even wrote about the evil angels themselves. While we’d all like to ignore the fact that evil angels are working 24/7 behind the people they inhabit and/or influence, it is a known Biblical fact. While the Book of Enoch was most likely altered or added to, the message is still intact - and we should definitely take heed to what it says. The evil angels spoken of in 1Enoch are the ones behind all the evil on this earth, and they are the ones behind all the evil of Islam. It will be these evil angels who inhabit the antimessiah. The leader of these evil angels, who is actually unnamed because God stripped him of his name (satan is a title, not a name), has taken on the name of Allah - the god of Islam.

Bound or bind means to prohibit.

The Bride of Messiah is Israel - always has been and always will be. As we see in Revelation Jerusalem, Israel and Bride are all interchangeable. And Isaiah refers to Jerusalem as Ariel, which means Lion of God. So Israel, Jerusalem, Ariel, Messiah and Bride are all One.

Broken spirit refers to one who obeys God and His Torah (Teaching).

Burial is done immediately by the Jews, even today, because they do not embalm their dead. To leave a body unburied for three and a half days is unheard of and completely against ancient Hebrew belief. This three and half days the witnesses lay dead in the streets represents a direct defiance against Israel and God. I have yet to discover it, but this burial mentioned in Revelation is somethng completely different than what it says (Revelation is written in the same manner as Daniel was - they are literal, but all in symbolism.)

To Buy or Sell in Revelation 13:16-17 is referring to when Islam will be the only religion allowed. Muslims will be the only ones who can buy and sell religion, namely Islam. No other religion will be tolerated on earth.

To Call upon the name of Yahweh means to worship God, and of course to use His Name Yahweh, or Yeshua.

Chadashah is the Hebrew word that is usually translated as new. But it does not mean new. It is the same word used when speaking of a new moon, and it really means to restore something to its previous condition. So Yeshua did not come to bring us a new covenant, He came to restore the original Covenant of His Wayto its previous condition.

Camp in Revelation 20:9 should have been translated as army and then the next word is kadosh which means holy. This is a holy army, i.e. an angelic army. It is not an army of saints or believers. Saints is also translated from the Hebrew word kadosh. The Word of God is speaking of angels whenever this word saints is used in reference to armies. So if your Bible says army of saints it is really an army of angels. When referring to believers in Yeshua, it should be translated as believers.

City in Hebrew is ‘eer and means a protected place. In Scripture it always refers to Jerusalem, because Jerusalem is watched by the watchers (angels). So the word city cannot be applied to Babylon.

Come actually means “my purpose is” whenever Yeshua said it.

To cover yourself with the dust of their feet means to sit at the feet of a teacher of Torah, to humbly learn from him or, if one wanted to travel with a teacher to learn Torah from him, one literally had to cover oneself with the dust of his feet.

Day of the Lord is really Day of Yahweh, and is not only speaking of Judgment Day, for there have been several Days of the Lord. In Scripture, Day of the Lord refers to anytime the Lord brings judgment to Israel. The final Day of the Lord will be when Yeshua returns, and reveals Himself to Israel - it is then He will bring judgment to the rest of the world who harmed Israel.

To destroy the law was a term used by the Pharisaic sages when discussing the interpretation of Scripture. To destroy meant violating a Biblical commandment to the Pharisees and/or interpreting Scripture incorrectly.

The phrases Do not resist evil or Do not resist one who is evil were translated incorrectly. They should have been translated as Do not fret because of evil doers, or Do not be vexed by evildoers, or Don’t try to get even with evildoers (trying to outdo them by doing evil yourself).

Drink this cup means to suffer the same fate as the one who says it.

Ears to hear (hearing the Kingdom of Heaven) and eyes to see (seeing the Kingdom of Heaven) always refers to the Kingdom of God. If one has ears to hear Torah, and eyes to see God’s miracles, one has witnessed the Kingdom of God!

Easter is not in the Bible. The Greek word that is usually translated in our Bibles as Easter, is Pascha - the equivalent to the Hebrew word Pesach - both mean Passover! Yeshua died on Passover, was buried on the first day of Unleavened Bread, and was raised from the dead on the Day of Firstfruits - in other words, Yeshua fulfilled (made perfect) God’s Spring Feasts (He gave His Spirit on the very last of the Spring Feasts, Shavuot - or Pentecost in the Greek). Easter was a Roman pagan holiday celebrating the fertility of the Roman god Eastre (or Isis).

Eat the scroll as found in Ezekiel chapter one, and in Revelation chapter ten, means to take in the word into your heart, so you can then speak it out.

Echad is the Hebrew word meaning One or Unity but it means much more than that. It is an all encompassing word, so when one says “Yahweh our God is Echad” they are in fact saying “Yahweh our God is One Omnipotent, Omniscient - a seven-fold Spirit!” When witnessing to Jews never bring up the Trinity for God is Echad to them. The Trinity is not only incorrect, for it is no where in the New Testament nor in the Hebrew Scriptures, but we must not limit God. Revelation states there are Seven Spirits of God (or the seven-fold Spirit of God) - the menorah represents the seven-fold Spirit of God. Although He is Echad, He can manifest Himself seven different ways - most likely many more than that!

Establish My Covenant are the Hebrew words kumit el-berit which literally means to carry out or perform MY covenant. There are many other meanings to the English word establish, but most take it to mean to bring into existence. This has caused many to believe that God created a new covenant at every turn, when in fact He did not. He simply added to His original Covenant that was already in place (or revealed a part already included in His Covenant).

Evil is the English word translated from the Hebrew word Ra. But Ra means much more than just evil. It is the opposite of Shalom. It means that nothing makes sense or fits. It means complete chaos, in that where there is an absence of Shalom, there is disorder in society, injustice, bribery, corruption, illness, conflict, lack, hatred, abuse, violence, pain, suffering, hopelessness, immorality, a lack of freedom, and all other negative forces.

Fornication and adultery always represent idolatry to God in the Bible. But if one is worshiping their sexual exploits, they are putting sex before God, making it in fact, idolatry.

Fulfill is not an accurate word, but does not mean to bring an end to something, not even in English. When our Bibles state Yeshua fulfilled something, He didn’t come to make an end of it, He came to make it more complete and perfect. To fulfill the law means to preserve or sustain Scripture by properly interpreting it. Matthew 5:17-19 is a debate among sages. Someone had suggested that Yeshua was destroying the Torah. He was politely accused of misinterpreting the Scriptures so as to nullify their intent. Yeshua, just as politely, disagreed, using the usual technical terminology for such situations.

Genesis 6:2 is translated incorrectly in every version of the Bible. Nefilim does not simply mean giants, as in the English meaning of giants. They are offspring of fallen Terafim angels and human women. Many argue that angels do not marry, based on Matthew 22:30. But this is in Heaven that Yeshua is speaking of. These Terafim came down to earth from Heaven, chose human women as “wives” - apparently they can transform themselves into human form, according to some who have studied angels. Their offspring were these very evil Nefilim. If you look up the word Nefilim, you will find it means a bully, a tyrant or a barbaric person - NOT a man of renown, as it has been translated. Nefilim were the reason for God destroying the earth the first time. This was only the miqra or rehearsal - and they will again be released to cause much violence on the earth one last time. (See 1Enoch & Rev 20) Nefilim is the plural of nefal, which means to fall. The Nefilim are offspring of fallen angels and are very evil.

There are other giants mentioned later in Scripture, and a completely different word is used - some people have tried to say that these evil creatures survived, but they were all killed in the flood - some even before the flood. These Nefilim were not giants, but the others who lived after the flood were in fact giants. BUT some of the Nefilim spirits were thrown into the abyss, along with their fathers spirits.

Gnashed with their teeth means to speak with hypocritical mockery.

The Good News of God is the Hebrew word Besorah, which literally means “what comes from the destruction of the Son.” But remembering that Hebrew is a multi- layered language, Besorah has a much deeper meaning. The Good News of God is that the Kingdom of God has come to the earth - Yeshua literally brought the Kingdom of God to His people! Although we know He will reign on earth in the flesh, very soon I might add, His Spirit is here now, which means He is here now - the Kingdom of God is here on earth now! Yeshua’s Spirit literally dwells inside each true believer, which in turn means that the Kingdom of God resides inside each true believer! We are indeed the Temple of God - housing not only His Spirit, but also His Kingdom!

The word hate is sane (saw-nay) in Hebrew, and miseo in Greek. Both actually mean to love less or secondly.

Humble is an idiom for repentant.​​

“I AM the Alef and the Tav” is what Yeshua actually said in Revelation 1:8, 21:6 and 22:13. He knew Greek, but he did not speak in Greek to his disciples, nor did Yochanan write in Greek. This statement means pretty much nothing in the Greek, but in Hebrew it is an eternal statement, and means so much more. When Yeshua said this, He was stating that He is God!

The Alef is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and the Tav is the last letter of the alphabet. Not only is Yeshua stating that He is in fact the Hebrew alef-bet and everything in between, in essence He is stating He is the Word of God. These two letters also spell a word in Hebrew - “et.” It is not a word that can be translated into English though. It points to the direct object of the verb in every single sentence - and since Yeshua is the Alef and the Tav, He is in every single Hebrew sentence!

Idolatry is what this struggle between mankind and God is all about. Mankind’s sinful tendency is always to go after other gods. Anything that takes up more time and comes first in a person’s life, is their god - and they are practicing idolatry. Idolatry is rebellion against God.

The saying “in the Spirit and on the Lord’s Day” is a Hebraism meaning in the Spirit - it was common in ancient Hebrew conversation to double up on something, and in this case these two sayings, often together, simply meant being in the Spirit.

Islam is God’s chosen end-times false religion. We don’t see it mentioned by name in the Bible, but Revelation Chapter 13, as well as 1John 2:22-23, describe it to a “Tee.” It is the exact opposite of all that represents God. The word Allah does NOT mean God, and it is NOT the same God we worship. Allah is just one of many pagan gods, who were the object of the Arabian’s worship until the seventh century. Mohammed changed all that. Islam is also the Beast System. Islam is a religion, a military entity and a political entity all rolled into one. It is the ultimate one world order with its Sharia Law (a counterfeit of Torah).

I stand at the door and knock is in reference to the bridegroom who comes to the door to propose marriage... It is also a Temple reference (see above “a thief in the night”).

“I will give you rest” - Yeshua spoke these words in a way that only God speaks - we receive His perfect rest when we are in sync with His will - keeping His commandments, listening to His still soft voice and obeying Him.

Jacob’s Trouble was the Babylonian captivity, which is what Jeremiah was prophesying about. BUT, once again it was a rehearsal for the future. The future Jacob’s Trouble can refer to the holocaust, or anytime the Jews have been persecuted. But they have already been returning to Israel since right after WWI. The Jews being gathered back to Israel isn’t going to happen in the future all at once - it has been happening and is happening right now!

The name Jesus began as the Hebrew name Yeshua. It went through an evolution of sorts, each time it was translated into another language. It began as the Hebrew Yeshua, which means Salvation. Then when the Bible was translated into Greek, Yeshua became Ioesus, then to the Latin Jesu, and then to the English spelling of the Latin Jesu, which is Jesus. BUT, Ioesus and Jesu are translations for the name Joshua.Yeshua is God’s real Name, and the English translation of Yeshua isSalvation.

To Keep is the Hebrew word Shamar, which means to destroy the chaos man. So keeping God’s commandments will destroy the rebellious (or chaos) man. To Keep also means to guard with your heart all the commandments of God.

The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven was what Yeshua gave to Simon Peter. What it meant was that Yeshua had given Peter the authority to find scriptural solutions for problems the early congregations would encounter after His death. The Hebrew leaders were called upon by their community to interpret Scripture, settle disputes and find answers in times of crisis (many Hebrew words have many different meanings, which sometimes confuse the meaning of verses.

Kingdom of Heaven and Kingdom of God are interchangeable. Whenever Yeshua used these phrases, He was telling them that the Kingdom of Heaven had come to earth - God had come to the earth!

Lawlessness is the Greek word anomos which means without the Law or without Torah. Matthew 7:23, Hebrews 1:9, 2Thessalonians 2:7, 1John 3:4 - all of these state in some way that lawlessness is sin. But to mistake this word for simply meaning one who does wrong will be very dangerous, for those who practice lawlessness are truly those without Torah - those who reject Torah. Our Bibles even call the antimessiah the lawless one - one without Torah (or the Law).

Learn from Me meant ‘Come study in My traveling school.’ Yeshua was a well-respected Teacher of Torah, and was asking His disciples to come learn Torah from Him.

Light is symbolic of deliverance or salvation, and Torah.

Living creatures (NKJV) or beasts (KJV) in Revelation are the same word in the Greek, but are actually the same Seraphim as in Isaiah 6:2 - the one and only four archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael. There is no correct Greek word for Seraphim, which are flaming angels.

The Locusts in Joel and Revelation should have been translated as living beings or Tefilim, for this very same word is translated as living beings in the NKJV and beasts in the KJV. These living beings are angels - and not always the good kind. In the case of the Locusts, seeing as how they are coming up from the abyss, I’d say these are evil devils - or better yet, the Tefilim that will be released for the end of the age judgment. The Tefilim that caused all the problems before the flood (causing God to flood the earth), will be released again to cause havoc on the earth one last time.

The Mark on Cain was an omen (Genesis 4:15). The Mark in Revelation is a Tav, the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet. It means ownership, to seal, to make covenant, a sign, a mark or a cross. In ancient Hebrew this letter was written in the shape of a cross or an X. In Ezekiel 9:4 & 6, the Mark is also a Tav. This Mark is a spiritual mark.

The Mark of the Beast is a spiritual mark - it is NOT something that will be implanted, nor is it something you can take unwillingly. It is an oath, which Muslims call an “oath of allegiance” to the Mahdi (their messiah figure - or our antimessiah). When one converts to Islam he must state what is called the Bismillah. Bismillah is a creed, an image and a name all rolled into one. Today Muslims wear a band on their head with the Bismillah written on it. But when all Muslims have recognized one man to be the Mahdi, this will become a spiritual mark for those who make the oath of allegiance to the Mahdi and cannot take it back - they will be marked for eternal destruction. This oath (mark) is taken voluntarily by all who call themselves Muslims, an they consider it a badge of honor.

The Menorah is indeed a representation of God’s sevenfold Spirit, as well as of the Light of the World - Yeshua. The middle lamp, which is called the shamash (servant) or Ner Elohim (Lamp of God), also represents Yeshua Himself. Yeshua being that middle lamp is very present in the first few chapters of Revelation. Ner is the Hebrew word for lamp or light, and is in the center of the Hebrew word Menorah. The letters for Menorah are mem- nun-vav-resh-hey, which literally means what comes from the water’s lamp or light. Water and light are idioms for Torah. In this case there is a root word which is ner, so you don’t need the meanings of each letter.

The Millennium is not in the Bible. The one thousand years in Revelation is not a literal one thousand years. 2Peter 3:8 tells us that one day is as a thousand years - i.e. just one day of those one thousand years could be a thousand years! It is speaking of a period of time, yes, but more like six thousand years! Yeshua never speaks of a thousand year period - He speaks of eternity. And it is never mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures either - which should be our guide for true Scripture. This is what is meant in 2Timothy 3:6 - Yeshua and His disciples always referred to the Hebrew Scriptures when they spoke of Scripture. Yeshua, Yochanan and Shaul never said or wrote anything that wasn’t in the Hebrew Scriptures.

Miqra is the word that is usually translated as holy convocation. But what it really means is an assembly for rehearsal. The whole Bible is full of events that are rehearsals or patterns for ONE future event - at the end of this age. So any time holy convocation is mentioned in your Bible, it is a rehearsal for an event to come in the future.

Mohammed is the false prophet. Or rather, he was the miqra for the false prophet - who will be Islam’s Mahdi.

Month is actually the Hebrew word chodesh which means “new moon.”

New song actually is an idiom for Restored Covenant. The Hebrew word for new, is chadashah, which actually means to restore to a previous condition. In relation to the New Covenant, it is not a new covenant as we know the word new. It is the Restored Covenant of God, as in restored to its previous condition. God’s Covenant with His people cannot be voided or superseded - but it can be added to (or more accurately, God revealed a part that the Hebrews did know about yet).

The Oil and the wine in Revelation 6:6, in their simplest context, are Olive Oil and New Wine (wine that has recently been pressed, but not yet fermented and is a sweet wine). But in the rich symbolism of Revelation, Olive Oil always represents the Light or Spirit or Torah; and the New Wine represents those who have not been corrupted by sin. The Oil and Wine is speaking of souls of men - spirits of men, or the anointed ones: those who have the Spirit of God living within them and belong to Yeshua. Oil and Wine speaks of true believers.

One jot or one tittle are actually two of the letters in the Hebrew alphabet, and should have been translated as such, “Not one yod or vav...” The yod is the smallest letter, and the vav is the second smallest. And of course, all of the Hebrew letters were used to not only write the Torah, they were used to create the earth and all that is on it, including mankind. Torah given by God to Moshe will never cease to exist - until the Renewed Heaven and Renewed Earth come to be (see Sea below).

Open the eyes (of the blind) is actually one of two Hebrew words: galah or paqach, both meaning to reveal the truth or to cause to be observant, respectively. It has nothing to do with causing the actual blind person to be able to see. But their minds can be opened to know the Truth of Yeshua.

The word Poor is an idiom for repentant.

To Praise God means to ‘praise God for every breath that you are privileged to take.’ This degree of gratitude that sees everything - even as minute and automatic as an act of drawing a breath - as a Divine gift, is one of the countless teachings of David. And it is the heart and soul of the entire Book of Psalms.

Most Prophecies have all pretty much happened - BUT, they are also rehearsals for ONE future event. But keep in mind that this ONE event will not play out exactly as written in past prophecies.

Psalm 73:9 “They set their mouth against the heavens and their tongue walks through the earth” is an idiom meaning to act better than everyone else.

Psalm 83 may or may not be a prophecy - but it has nothing to do with an Israeli-Arab war all by itself. All of the wars mentioned by the Prophets are rehearsals for one and the same war - the final war. There are not several different wars (a Greek idea), there is only one war at the end of the age.

The Right Hand is very significant to the Hebrews. The Right Hand represents the Power and Strength of Yahweh. It is also considered the favored hand in all situations. Ancient Hebrews wore their wedding rings on the right hand - the wearing of wedding rings on the left hand was one of the things instituted by the Church Fathers in order to remove themselves from all things Hebrew.

The Right Hand also represents Jerusalem to Hebrews. To forget Jerusalem is to forget God - their right hand always reminds them of Jerusalem - of God. You will find this phrase sprinkled throughout Revelation - it is highly significant wherever it is placed. It also represents ‘taking the righthand road’ which is the straight and narrow road. (For even more information on the right hand, see the word Believe)

Sitting at the Right Hand of God means that Yeshua returned to His place of Power and Strength in Heaven - it does not mean a completely separate throne from God.

Rosh is a Hebrew word related to the Hebrew letter Resh, both mean head or leader or a person. Many have tried to turn this word into a country, namely Russia, but it simply means “the head of a nation” and in the case of Daniel, where it appears as the name of a nation, it is referring to a king or head of a nation. But it is no way referring to Russia (a Greek idea).

Salvation is the English word translated from the Hebrew word and Name Yeshua. God is our Creator, and He has a right to demand we worship only Him. God wants to be with us forever, and the only way that can be done is if we are holy and righteous. And the only way we can be holy and righteous is to invite Yeshua into our hearts and lives. When we do this, God’s Spirit comes to literally live inside us - enveloping our own spirits with His Life, which in turn gives our spirits life. This is a scientific fact, and only those who have asked Yeshua into their hearts and lives, will show it by the changes the Spirit of God makes in their lives. If there are no changes in a person’s life after they have started to go to church, then they do not have the Spirit of God. Of course, there are those prodigal sons and daughters out there - those who do belong to Him, but have gotten lost. But they are not lost for good, for He will call them back at an appointed time.

Satan is not the devil’s name, it is a title, and it is actually a Hebrew word. God stripped the devil of his name - and it was NOT Lucifer (a Latin word mistakenly translated as such). I believe HaSatan (the Hebrew title given to devils) are some of those who were locked up in the abyss - and have been there since the time of Noach - until recently. I believe they were released sometime shortly before the 1960s. The literal meaning of satan (saw-tawn) is adversary.

Scapegoat is the Hebrew word azazel. Azazel is supposedly the name of the evil Tefilim angel that caused all the trouble before the Flood (according to Enoch I). The Tefilim were the ones who mated with human women and their children were the Nefilim (Genesis 6:2). It was because of these guys that the earth had become so evil and it is the reason why God more or less started over. The devil does not want us to know this, thus every word that alludes to these evil demon angels has been disguised. And the Book of Enoch (Enoch 1) was deliberately left out of the Bible and then supposedly lost - it is the book that gives the whole story of what these evil angels did. I believe these are the guys who are locked up in the abyss - to be released at the very end of this age.

The Sea is not the sea as we know it. It is not the ocean, and it is not the ocean that will no longer be, as is mentioned in Revelation 21:1. The Sea that will no longer be is actually the Brazen, or Bronze or molten Sea that was in the courtyard of the Tabernacle and also the two Temples. It is also called the Bronze Laver or Basin in some translations, and it was made of mirrors (Exodus 38:8).

The priests would wash themselves in the Sea, before and after the sacrifices were killed. They could see themselves in the mirrors of the Sea - to see their own unrighteousness and uncleanness and sin. It was a place where they searched their hearts to make sure they were repentant and clean before entering the Tabernacle or Temple. For if they had any uncleanness in themselves, they would not live in the presence of Yahweh. In Revelation 4:6 we see this Sea - it is what Yahweh Yeshua is using today to choose His bride. It is a type of “looking glass” that He uses to see who is His - and who is not.

Torah is our mirror (or Sea) today - a mirror we can look into to see our own unrighteousness and sin. The Sea represents Torah too, for it is the water of the Word (Ephesians 5:26 & Revelation 22:1) which keeps us walking with Yahweh. And it is what will pass away and not be present in the New Heaven and the New Earth (Matthew 5:18). The Sea is referring to Torah.

Shaliachim is the Hebrew word for messengers. These are not angels, as it is translated in most versions of our Bibles. The Shaliach of any given congregation was a leader in his Messianic congregation, and when something important came to him (or her), they were to stand before the congregation and read it to them. In the case of Revelation, Shaliachim were instructed to read the whole letter to the specific seven congregations. Shaliach is also the equivalent to the Greek word used for Apostle. Both shaliach and apostle mean a messenger sent out - they represent the One Who sent them - God.

Shalom is usually translated as ‘peace,’ but it really cannot be translated into English with a single word. In Hebrew this word has much more meaning. It means to be complete - when there is Shalom, there is tranquility, justice, sufficient food, clothing, housing and divine health. One Rabbi says it means “no good thing is withheld.”

Take My yoke upon you means the keeping of the commandments, and Yeshua was speaking only as God speaks when He said this. By calling this yoke My yoke, Yeshua was making a shocking statement. The keeping of commandments was referred to as a ‘yoke,’ but a teacher of Torah would never have made the claim that this yoke was ‘his.’ This was a statement only Yeshua could make!

To take upon themselves the yoke of the Torah means a disciple accepting God’s reign over one’s life, to live according to His will - keeping God's commandments. To take on the yoke of a teacher of Torah was a disciple placing himself in a position of total obedience and dedication to his teacher. It was the disciple’s desire to become just like his teacher. When the disciple’s desire is to pull the same load as his teacher, the best way to do it is to willingly bind himself to the teacher’s yoke and cart. The Teacher in this case is Yeshua.

Temple Services are sprinkled throughout Revelation. One must study the Hebrew Temple services to recognize what is actually going on in many sections of Revelation. These chapters are not to be ignored or written off as being just worship, for that is not what is going on at all.

The words The Lord in our Bibles is actually Yahweh (YHVH or YHWH) everywhere it is mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures. It is also Yahweh in the New Testament wherever it reads The Lord. The English was changed to read The Lord by the Jews so they would not say God’s Name Yahweh, but the Hebrew is still in tact and shows YHVH. This was carried over into the New Testament.

A thief in the night can refer to the Bridegroom returning for His bride; or it can mean someone is an actual thief coming in another way other than the front door (thieves never use the front door in Israel). It can also refer to the nightly Temple service: the priest whose duty it was to supervise the arrangements of the morning service, might at any moment knock at the door and demand entrance. He came suddenly and unexpectedly, and no one knew when.

The Third Temple is not going to be built - this is something that I have believed for some time now. Although I cannot find anything in Scripture that states a physical Third Temple will be built, I now have new information that the only sacrifices Yeshua fulfilled were the Yom Kippur sacrifices for sin. Which means that there is the possibility that a Third Temple will in fact be built, but not until after Yeshua returns and we will resume bringing offerings to God in the Temple. The Temple that is spoken of in Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Isaiah is the Second Temple that was built after the Babylonian captivity (see Nehemiah). Plus, Ezekiel’s temple does not have a menorah nor the ark in it - my conclusion is that Ezekiel’s temple is the same as Revelation’s temple: it is the Lamb’s bride, and represents Jerusalem. Yeshua not only states that believers in Him are His temple, Revelation states that God and Yeshua will be the Temple on the New Earth and New Heaven. So whether or not a physical temple will be built, we will just have to wait and see. Presently, Yeshua’s people are the Temple of God where He dwells.

Torah is the Hebrew word that actually means teaching or instruction. Although Torah includes God’s law, the word Torah has never meant Law - ever. Its true and literal meaning, from the deeper meaning of the actual letters, is “from the Man nailed to the cross.” Torah was given by God as commandments for a whole Way of Life, that would ultimately preserve the Hebrews as a people. This Way of Life is what God is bringing us back to!

Truth is the Hebrew word emet (alef-mem-tav). Jewish teachers, even today, use the letters of this word to say that truth is the “beginning, the middle and the end” - which is their meaning by their position in the alef-bet. This set the stage for Yeshua, when He stated, “I AM the Alef and the Tav, the First and the Last!” Yeshua said, ‘I AM the Truth, the Life and the Way’ - the beginning, the middle and the end.

Water, Light and Olive Oil are metaphors for Torah and it is what is being spoken of in Revelation Chapter 11. Oil (Torah) is the source of illumination - it is the knowledge of Torah that brings illumination. Torah lights our path, showing us the way to go - literally our spiritual illumination.

Virgin actually should be translated as young girl or one that is still veiled.

The Word of God and the testimony of Yeshua Messiah in Revelation 1:2 is a Hebrew form of repetition to emphasize the statement. It is speaking of Yeshua as the Word of God. In essence it means that Yeshua is Scripture.

​​Yahveh is a more current English transliteration of the spelling of God’s Name YHVH. But in the ancient Hebrew alef-bet there was no “v” nor a “v sound," and the letter vav (or waw) was pronounced as a “w” - today there is no “w sound." So YHWH is God’s true Name in Hebrew, and is pronounced Yahweh.

Year is the Hebrew word shanah which means to repeat, or do a second time. It can also mean an age (a period of time), or perhaps a year’s time, when referring to a period of time. But when referring to something in God’s timing, it is the Hebrew word moed, which means “appointed time” or “season” as in God’s Feasts - everything in the Bible surrounds God's Feasts and Himself.

Yeshua blessed it, broke it and gave it should have been translated as “blessed, broke and gave.” In the context of taking a loaf of bread before beginning a meal, the blessing can only be a blessing directed toward God. The blessing that was said in Yeshua’s time before the Hebrews ate was praise and thanksgiving to God who so wondrously provides food for His children, to Him who “brings bread out of the earth.” A Hebrew would bless God who provided the food. He/she does not bless the food, nor does he/she ever ask God to bless the food. While praying the way we have always prayed does no harm, it has no foundation whatsoever in Scripture - in other words Yeshua did not practice or teach that we should ask God to bless our food.

Ze nigmar! is a Hebrew statement that was spoken by the high priest during the Passover Temple services. It means, “It is finished!” or “It is over!” It is a one-purpose-only Hebrew statement made only by the high priest during the Passover sacrifices - and he would say it twice during the Passover Temple service. The high priest would sacrifice the first Passover lamb at 9am, and he would say “Ze nigmar!” - precisely when Yeshua was nailed to the cross. Then he would sacrifice the last Passover lambs at 3pm, and for the second time that same day say, “Ze nigmar!” - precisely when Yeshua died on the cross; only seconds before Yeshua Himself said those same words, “Ze nigmar!” We find it twice in Revelation - in 16:17, and again in 21:6.

666 has intrigued (or scared) mankind for about two thousand years. The original Hebrew manuscripts of Revelation are lost, so there really is no way to know what is meant by this - except by the Spirit. It could simply be three of the letter vav side by side (vav is also the number 6 in Hebrew numbers). We do know for sure that it represents a man- made Beast system. What I find interesting is that when you use the ancient meanings of the Hebrew letters that make up the number six hundred sixty- six (tav-reysh-samech-vav), you get “the sign of the man who twists the nail.”

We are told it is the number of man - six is the number of man, but we have three of them here. I suggest that this number is not six hundred sixty-six, it is simply six- six-six. (Some say they have seen the Revelation manuscripts and they show "111" - keep in mind that the Hebrew letter vav not only looks like a one sometimes, it is also the letter for the number six.)

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