I AM the WAY Book

I AM the WAY: Discipleship

Have you ever questioned any part of what you believe, whether it be Judaism, Christianity or even you who think you’ve found the truth in the Talmudic Messianic teachings?

While some books tell you all about all the altered verses, errors and false teachings, they fail to show you what the actual real Truth is.

I AM the WAY not only shows you all of the above and then some, it will show you where to find the real Truth in the Bible, which is the true Word of God.....not the New Testament, but the other end of the Bible, what most people call the Old Testament. Though most think the Old Testament is obsolete, this is actually where God put all His true teachings.

There is so much we still don’t know, and so many lies we have been believing for quite some time––some lies have been around for over 2000 years. The only way to truth is to uncover the lies.

Beginning with revealing the false teachings and doctrines, as well as the deliberate lies, this book is designed to help the reader through their discipleship (it even describes what discipleship really is). It methodically reveals what is false, and what is true and each section is designed to prepare the reader for the next section.

God is now in the process of taking His people out of error, through what is now known as “Hebrew roots.” Discover the mysteries of the Bible, learn the secrets hidden within the Hebrew words and uncover the truth about God’s Appointed Seasons in this one-book compendium full of the wisdom of God.

I AM the WAY is all about God preparing His people for His Coming––it is the truest, and only Discipleship tool (in addition to the Bible, of course) you'll ever need!

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