When I first came to know about the Hebrew roots of the Bible, I couldn’t get enough information. I continually read and studied the Scriptures, trying to find Truth. This book came to be because I couldn’t find anything like it when I was first learning about the wonderful Hebrew aspect of God. Almost ten years later, this book is still the only one of its kind. If I had found a one-source-fits-all book like this one when I was first studying, learning would have been much easier.

I originally wrote this book so I could refer back to it as I study the Scriptures––I had tons of notes spread throughout several composition books and I was tired of always having to search for the book with the information in it that I needed for a particular study. I wanted all those notes in one place, such as in a book (that I never intended to publish). However, once I received the first proof, Yeshua (Jesus) impressed upon me to share this information with others.

It has been a process to get the book just right, and I’m sure it still isn’t as Yeshua (Jesus) really wants it to be. At any rate, this book is the accumulation of about ten years of studying the Hebrew roots of the Bible (as well as eighteen years as a Greekized Christian), along with all the hidden things within the Hebrew words that Yeshua has revealed.

This book came to be because I want to help others to know the Bible and Yeshua as much as can be possible on this corrupt Earth, so they can know what He expects from us––the One Whose image we are to emulate, not the other way around.

Because this book guides you through the Bible, it is the truest Discipleship Training Tool on the market today. This book provides believers with the knowledge and tools that I didn’t have, but are needed to be trained and prepared for Yeshua’s return. It not only gives an idea of what the Hebrew words hold within them, such as the mysteries in the Bible, but also how you too can search for and find these treasures.

Everything in I AM the WAY is taken from the teachings of the Scriptures, and shows God’s Way is not a philosophy, mystical experience or only intended for an elite group of people. In contrast to the world’s religions, all of which are based upon legends and untruths, God’s Way is based upon undeniable and historical facts, recorded in the Scriptures of the Torah. This book brings this Biblical, Godly knowledge to believers in God, where others fall short.


The Jew, the Messianic Jew, anyone who calls themselves a Messianic, a Christian or even an unbeliever, will find Truth here. Because all will hopefully call themselves by the name of Yisrael (Israel) (Isaiah 44:5).

Why Does Anyone need I AM the WAY?

Although I have tried to cover every subject in the Scriptures, you will probably find something I missed. This book is thorough, but of course God's knowledge is infinite, so this book will never be complete. However, it is a good beginning for your own studies into God's Word, known as the Torah.

There is so much we don’t know, and so many lies we have been believing for quite some time, and these lies are keeping us in bondage. This book will help to expose and dispel those lies so we can see our way to the Truth––and the freedom to know that Yeshua truly has our backs!

The only way to truth is to expose the lies. Beginning with revealing false teachings and doctrines, as well as the deliberate lies, this book is designed to help us through our discipleship. It methodically reveals what is false, and what is true and each section is designed to prepare us for the next section. All that is needed is to read the Scripture verses referenced throughout the book, and we will begin to see the Light for Who Yeshua truly is and what He is trying to teach us today. This book will take us on a journey through God’s true Word, and we will discover Who Yeshua (Jesus) really is!

This book offers you hope––hope in the REAL Yeshua. Yeshua is so much bigger, illuminating and exciting than any teaching you’ve ever heard. Because the True knowledge of God is more exciting than anything we know, His Truth awakens our spirits to wonders we’ve never known!

Why This Book is Different

While most Messianic teaching books follow the Talmudic traditions, this book does not. I have found that none of the teachings on Jewish or Hebrew roots so far actually follow the Scriptures. They are all teaching the Pharisaic Jewish traditions of man, which cannot be found in the Scriptures.

This Final (Third) Edition is an invaluable one-book compendium. It goes beyond today’s present teachings of the Messianic movement, helping you to discover the errors of all the teachings out there (Jewish, Messianic and Christian), to make room for you to discover the Truth.

Yeshua’s true teachings come to light in the Bible when they shine on the dark areas of the man-made traditions, just like He did during His time on this Earth two thousand years ago. It is my hope that I AM the WAY will help bring believers into a unity of belief in God’s Torah as Yeshua’s true Word.

Learning Torah

This book is an actual training book of true discipleship. A disciple of Yeshua is a learner of the Torah. This book is the most exhaustive book full of Biblical knowledge, making it the disciple’s best tool to help study the Bible. You read this book along with your Bible in order to get the most out of the Bible. After one goes through the discipleship process in this book, then it becomes a reference book while you continue to read and study your Bible.

Section One

Chapter One  

Grace, the Essence of Torah  

The wisdom of God is where truth begins, and the knowledge of the Holy One is revealed. In searching out the wisdom and knowledge of God, the lies and errors will be exposed for what they truly are. If you’ve been trusting in traditional teachings, rather than Scripture then perhaps you should question those very beliefs.   

Why Torah?  

To understand this question, you first must know the most important thing a believer in  Yeshua (Jesus) must learn: the meaning of the Greek word kainos, and the Hebrew word chadashah.  

Why? Because both of these words are translated incorrectly in the Bible wherever a new Covenant (testament) is spoken of (Ezekiel 36:26-27; Jeremiah 31:31; Matthew 26:28, Mark 14:24, Luke 22:20, 1Corinthians 11:25, 2Corinthians 3:6, Hebrews 8:8 & 9:15)––and it is the wrong translation of both these words that has caused all the confusion and false teachings in the grafted-in and Messianic believing world.    

The confusion over the word new, began with the word usually translated as New Moon, which is  chodesh. It is from the root word chadash and means to restore to a previous condition.   

This Hebrew word chadashah, and the Greek word kainos both translate as restore, with the Hebrew word giving a little more information: restored to its previous condition. So then we must look at God’s Covenant in a completely different way. If God’s Covenant was restored to its previous condition, then we must look to see what its previous condition was––and then we will find that this previous condition was the Torah, God’s original Covenant.    

God does not change and He did not change. Yeshua restored His Way to His disciples. And His Way is the Torah, His one and only Covenant. Therefore, it is Yeshua (Jesus) and His Torah that we are to follow.   

What this all means for believers is that there was NEVER a new Covenant. What  Yeshua (Jesus) actually came to the Earth to do was to restore His Original Covenant  (Torah) to His people (before He could pay for mankind’s sins). Yeshua did NOT bring a new covenant. God’s Covenant was perfect and complete since before mankind was ever created.    

Why did Yeshua Need to Restore His Original Covenant?

Before, during and after the Babylonian exile, the Yisraelites (Israelites) were in very grave sin against God. They not only forgot His Torah, they began to rewrite it––after they did finally rediscover God’s Word, it was no longer understandable to them, and thus the beginning of many changes.    

After the Babylonian exile sects were formed. These sects took this rewritten version of the Torah and began to teach it to God’s people. One of these sects were the Parush (Pharisees) and they have survived these past two thousand years. Today’s Jews are yesterday’s Parush. The rewritten Torah is the man-made traditions that Yeshua (Jesus)  spoke of, and it evolved into the Jewish Talmud. Judaism was born out of the Talmud, not the Torah.    

Chapter Two  

Why Hebrew Roots?  

There are many believers who have never even heard of Hebrew roots or Jewish roots, and then there are those who are just discovering the Hebrew roots of the Bible. Some aren't really doing anything about it, or are not even sure they are supposed to do anything about it.    

But discovering and then searching out the truths about the Hebrewness of the Bible, and our true Hebrewness is probably the most important thing we will ever do as believers in Yeshua (Jesus).    

“But why is that? Don’t I already know the truth?” you might ask. Well, truth be known, most of what Christianity teaches is not true.    

So what does Hebrew Roots teach? Below you will find the answer to this question in the form of a list of things I think are the most important things Hebrew roots teaches.    

1. Every religion that began after Adam and Chavah (Eve) were on the Earth is what God considers a manmade religion, which means it is a false religion and has a false god. But you say, “Jesus isn’t a false god!” No He isn’t, but what is taught about Him is indeed false, and furthermore, none of us really know Who He really is. Most believers believe in an ideal of Jesus, but they don’t really know Him as their God. They don’t even know His nationality, thinking He is the blond, blue-eyed God of the pictures that we have of Him.  

2. As you read in the first chapter, Jesus did not start a new religion. He didn’t come to bring anything new, He came to restore His Covenant (Torah) to His people.    

He came to the Earth as a part of God’s Plan of Salvation. By the time He came, the Israelites had wandered very far from His Truth, which is His Torah, and what most of us know as the Old Covenant (original Covenant). Jesus came to restore His original Covenant to His people, which is what Ezekiel 36:26-27; Jeremiah 31:31; Matthew 26:28, Mark 14:24, Luke 22:20, 1Corinthians 11:25, 2Corinthians 3:6, Hebrews 8:8 & 9:15 are all actually saying. When He was satisfied that He had taught enough people to go on to teach the rest of His people of His true Covenant (the original twelve disciples),  He went on to do what He really came to do––to shed His Own Blood to offer on the altar in the Heavens to atone for all mankind’s sin.

3. You will learn about Who Jesus really is. Jesus is Hebrew. His Hebrew Name is Yeshua (Yesh-shoo-aw, accent on shoo), which is the actual Hebrew word for Salvation. There is actually even more meaning to the word Yeshua than most know: Yesh means to exist, which is the same meaning as havah. Havah (hawah) is the root word of God’s Name  Yahweh (Yah-havah).     Yeshua and Yahweh are one and the same Hebrew God (the trinity is a false teaching). God lives outside all dimensions of time and space, and therefore cannot be discerned in human terms. God cannot be explained. We must just accept that He is our God and we should worship Him, and stop trying to explain Someone Who is impossible to explain (a Greek thing to do).    

4. You will learn the actual histories of several religions. It is important to know where these religions really came from, and how they came to be what they are today: full of sects (denominations), different interpretations of the word which results in different teachings, no true love of God within their congregations, and all of their believers floundering in life wondering what happened to the promises of God that they keep hearing about.    

5. The Torah is the real Scriptures that Yeshua taught to His disciples. None of the gospels or epistles had been written yet. We don’t really know the Torah like we should. Yeshua is Hebrew, so believers too are Hebrew, being in the same family. We all need to learn what Yeshua really taught, which was the Torah.    

6. Learning about God’s Commandments (Torah) and what they are really all about. God’s Commandments are not just a bunch of rules and laws to stifle mankind. He knew  that mankind would need certain rules and laws to keep them healthy and out of trouble, as well as keep them on the narrow path of His Way, if they were to survive on this corrupt Earth. Additionally, Yeshua needed a certain people group (Hebrews) to survive to bring forth His Messiah.    

7. All believers are in rebellion against God, which He considers sin. Sin is separation from God. This Hebrew roots knowledge is not just a good thing to know, it is the most amazing discovery you will ever find, and the most important step in your walk with Yeshua (Jesus) that you will ever take! It will be the true saving of your life and spirit!     Yeshua’s (Jesus’s) true believers are supposed to look different than the heathens, and not only because they go to church. Unfortunately today’s believers do not look any different than the rest of the world. They are trying to be just like the world thinking this will attract those still in the world, but God’s Way says we must look different to the rest of the world in order to attract them. If they are repelled or offended by our strange Hebrew lives, then they would never have been saved anyway.     

8. You will learn who you really are in Yeshua (Jesus). Yeshua was, and still is Hebrew. He never stopped being Hebrew, and He never stopped celebrating God’s Feasts and Sabbaths, nor did He tell anyone else to stop keeping these Commandments of God.     So if Yeshua is Hebrew, then He was born into a Hebrew family, was raised Hebrew,  learned Torah (or already knew it, being God Himself), and became a respected Teacher of Torah (not the distorted version that the Pharisees taught, which are the same traditions of man found in the Jewish Talmud today).     

9. You will learn that most of the things you were taught in church by well-meaning Pastors, was not Truth. Most of these Pastors went to seminaries that teach them the very same information taught by the church fathers––most of which were lies, and cannot be found in the Bible.     

10. You will learn the Torah (Old Testament) and what it is really all about.    

11. You will learn about God’s Feasts, and what they are all about. God’s Feasts have ingrained in them the blueprint of His Plan of Salvation, which means that Yeshua (Jesus) can be found in each one of them. What Yeshua did two thousand years ago was not only  fulfilling the prophecy that He would die for all mankind, but also that with His dying  He fulfilled (or perfected) several of God’s Feasts, leaving only two more to go (there are seven in total).    

12. You will learn to think like a Hebrew. This is not an easy thing to do, but it can be done. We have been so inundated with Greek culture, that our natural response is to think like a Greek. But in order to understand the Bible and the things of God, we must think like a Hebrew.    

13. You will learn what God has been up to all this time. Such as back in 1970, when the Jesus Movement broke out, God shifted His focus back to His original intent––His people. In the Jesus Movement, the majority of those saved were Jews.     Today God’s people call themselves Jews. It is the Jews who the grafted-in believers are to provoke to jealousy, and that isn’t simply to worship their God. When there are more of us living our lives as they are supposed to be according to Scripture (Torah), that is when the Jews will be jealous, as well as curious.    

14. You will learn that there are many factions of the Hebrew (Jewish) roots movement, because it is still finding its place in God’s Plan. Some of the Messianic believers call themselves Torah Observant, but are really Talmud Observant, copying what the Jews do.  Some are telling us we are pronouncing God’s Name wrong, or we are not to pronounce His Name at all! They all argue and debate with one another over End Times beliefs, or even in what they believe period. Truth be told, they all believe the same things.    

This is all happening because the present Messianic teachers are teaching the Talmudic Traditions of Man, rather than Scripture. They are all still arguing and debating (a very Greek thing to do), instead of studying the Scriptures to see what they actually say. The Talmud is full of false teachings and will never bring unity to the body of believers in Yeshua. Only the Torah can bring unity. Have faith that God’s Plan is in the works. I believe that in a very few short years, many of us will be going in the same direction. We will be discovering the Hebrewness of God, His Way and what Hebrew roots is really all about. We will allow Yeshua to nudge us into His Right Hand Way.    

If this happens in our lifetime, I believe we will have the same Power the first believers  had in the first century––God’s full Power! We will walk by people and they will be healed just like in the first century.  

We will come into the presence of a sinner and he will be convicted and ask us about  God––just like in the first century. We will walk with the Power of God in our lives––and many will be drawn to that Power!  

Section Five

Chapter One

God’s Way of Life

God first referred to a walk with Him as His Way in Genesis 18:19. God’s Way is not a religion, it is a Way of Life. Religion is a belief system––Webster describes a belief system as: “a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith” or “devoted to God, or the powers or principles believed to govern life.” This does not describe God’s Way, it describes the religions of the world.

The very fact that God’s Way is described in the Torah tells us that the Torah is the Way of God, as well as being His Covenant with the Yisraelites, and eventually all mankind. As you will see below, God never changed the name of His Way of Life––He is still the same God Who gave His Covenant (Torah), or Way of Life, to the Yisraelites (Israelites) at Mt. Sinai.

The Hebrew word for Way is derek (day-rehk) which means a Way of life, or its ancient meaning is the Way (or Door) a person covers. Another Hebrew word, dat (as found in Daniel) is translated today as religion, but its true meaning is also Way, with its ancient translation being the Way of the Covenant or Door of the Covenant. The word and entity known as religion was created by man to explain anything to do with God.

In John 10:9 Yeshua haMoshiach (Jesus the Messiah) did not hesitate to say of Himself that He is that Way of God: “I AM the Way (Door)––by Me if any man enter in he shall be saved.” In John 14:6 He said: “I AM the Way God’s Way and the Truth and the Life.” Yeshua (Jesus) is not only the Way, He is the I AM! Yeshua is Yahweh God in the flesh, Who is the Way!

The entrance to God’s Way is also the Door (Yeshua). Door is also called a gate in the Scriptures––the Temple gate is the entrance to God’s Covenant, which is God’s Way. This Way can be found in the Hebrew Scriptures over one hundred twenty more times (these can be seen more clearly in the One New Man Bible. Other versions don’t always use the word Way––most of the other words used are ways, roads or paths––but God’s Way is not a plural word):

Bereshit 18:19, 24:27 & 40, 28:20, 35:3; Shemot 13:21, 18:20, 23:20, 32:8, 33:13; Devarim 5:30, 8:6, 9:12 & 16, 10:12, 11:22 & 28, 13:6, 19:9, 26:17, 27:18, 28:9, 30:16, 31:29, 32:4; Yehoshua 1:8; Judges 2:17 & 22; 1Samuel 12:23, 2Samuel 22:22, 31 & 33; 1Kings 2:3 & 4, 3:14, 8:25, 11:33 & 38; 2Kings 22:2; Isaiah 2:3, 3:12, 26:7 & 8, 40:3, 55:8 & 9, 57:14, 58:2, 63:17, 64:4; Jeremiah 2:17, 5:4 & 5, 7:23, 12:16, 21:8, 32:38; Ezekiel 18:25 (twice) & 29 (twice), 33:17; Hosea 14:10; Habbakuk 3:6; Nahum 1:3; Zechariah 3:7; Malachi 3:1; Psalms 1:6, 5:9, 16:11, 18:22 & 31, 25:4, 8, 9 & 12, 27:11, 32:8, 37:5, 23 & 34, 39:2, 44:19, 50:23, 51:15, 67:3, 77:14 & 20, 81:14, 84:6, 85:14, 86:11, 91:11, 95:10, 101:2 & 6, 103:7, 107:7, 119:1 & 3, 14, 15, 27, 30, 32, 33 & 37, 145:17; Proverbs 2:8, 3:6, 6:23, 10:17; Job 21:14, 22:3 & 28, 26:14, 31:7, 34:27, 36:23, 40:19; 2Chronicles 6:27 & 31, 17:3 & 6, 21:12 (twice). (These books are listed in the order of the Hebrew Tanach, and may be off by a verse or two.) The word Way cannot be found in Vayikra (Leviticus), because Vayikra is the Way described.

God’s Way can also be found about 25 times in the New Testament:

Matthew 3:3 (teaching of Isaiah 40:3), Matthew 7:14, 22:16; Mark 1:2 (quote of Exodus 23:20, Malachi 3:1) & 3 (teaching of Isaiah 40:3), 12:14; Luke 1:76 (teaching of Isaiah 40:3, Malachi 3:1); John 1:23 (teaching of Isaiah 40:3), 14:6; Acts 2:28, 9:2, 13:10, 16:17, 18:25 & 26, 19:9 & 23, 22:4 & 5, 24:14 & 22; 1Corinthians 4:17, Hebrews 10:20, 13:7; 2Peter 2:15 & 21; Revelation 15:3 (teaching of Deuteronomy 32:4 & Psalm 145:17).

This list is by no means exhaustive. Most of those verses found in the New Testament are simply teachings from the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament). The fact that God’s Way is mentioned only a few times between Acts and Revelation, should tell us just how much the New Testament has been altered. It is this Way that Yeshua taught His disciples.

God's Way of Life & the Earth

God's Way of Life is completely tied to life on Earth which is a spiritual aspect that most miss. Our Earthly lives reflect our spiritual lives. God’s Way of Life has always had a direct influence on life's activities in order to preserve life on Earth as God intended. It is about action, demanding Yeshua’s believers keep the Covenant of His Commandments, which enabled mankind on this corrupt Earth, and reminded them of the Divine and their dependence on God for their lives. And their lives on this Earth were all about God’s Way of Life, because it is why God gave us His Way of Life (Torah or Covenant)––God’s Way of Life is the only Way to survive and live prosperously on this corrupt Earth.

The Blueprint to God’s Way of Life

The Tabernacle is the blueprint to Yahweh’s Way of Life, and of course it is also His Plan of Salvation. Yeshua not only wanted to dwell with His people again, He wants to be reverenced. Believers should never regard God as common, because He is Holy.

When God brought His people out of Egypt, it was time to dwell with His people again, for God has always wanted to dwell among His people. He called His people to help build the Tabernacle as a way to fellowship with them. He experiences pleasure by being close to His people––He wants intimacy and fellowship with us. He wants to dwell among us just as He did in Eden. Before the Tabernacle, the Yisraelites had continually demonstrated that they were a disobedient people so God had to chastise them for a period of time before re-teaching them His original Covenant.

The Tabernacle (or Tent of Meeting) would be God’s portable home while on His journey with His people in the desert (wilderness). It would be the place where His altar would have a portable home, and sacrifices and offerings would no longer be done on the thresholds of His people’s homes. It was also a place where God’s glory could dwell physically among His people.

There have been many phases of God’s Plan of Salvation over the past six thousand years, and the Last Phase is just about to materialize. Everything God has done, as a part of His Way, His Plan of Salvation, has been for a reason. Nothing that God does is by chance, but all by Divine plan. Everything God did, seemingly for mankind’s benefit, was all a part of His Plan of Salvation for all mankind. Everything about the Tabernacle pointed to God’s coming to Earth––to eventually shed His own Blood as the ultimate, and final Sacrifice for sin. He was the ultimate and final Pesach (Passover) Lamb, the final atonement for sin––so of course, He was the final Yom Kippur offering for sin as well. Everything in the Tabernacle pointed to God’s coming to Earth clothed in the flesh of Yeshua, our Salvation.

I AM the WAY Book Preview

Updated September 7, 2018

I AM the WAY:  Discipleship, Third Edition

A one-book compendium, as well as a true discipleship tool, acting as a guide through the Bible, and goes beyond today’s Talmudic traditions of man Messianic teachings. Discover the errors and lies of all today’s teachings, which will enable you to discover the Truth. Hidden mysteries within the Hebrew words are revealed, including the true purpose of God's Feasts.