We are now in the year 2018 on the Gregorian calendar, and it is just like the days of Noach (Noah), and has been for quite some time. Except for one family, all of mankind had gone the way of the world in Noach’s day. They were caught up in the evil side of life, thinking that short-term gratification is better than eternal life with God. Even though mankind had all known God only thirteen hundred years earlier, all but one person chose the wrong path in life.....mankind is now headed in this same direction!

Matthew 24:37-44 says that at the end of the ages it will be just like the days of Noach. But we must also read Matthew 7:21-23 to understand what the above passage is speaking of.

Today believers read these passages, but they don’t quite understand them. More truthfully, the pastor reads these passages and misinterprets them, therefore the congregation does not truly understand them. Most people in a congregation (or church) do NOT read their Bibles, so they have no idea what is Truth. They are so caught up in the world’s ways that they don’t even realize that these verses are speaking of them. But today’s believers are just like the unbelieving masses in Noach’s day. They have lost their way.

They go to church and think they believe in Jesus, but they are so far from God they don’t even realize it. They call Him Lord, but He is not their Lord (Matthew 7:22). They don’t even know Who He really is. It is all very sad because even when someone tries to tell them the truth, they don’t want to hear it because then they would have to change their self-centered, self-involved lives. They are very comfortable in their complacency and lies, and don’t want it to change.

It is just like the days of Noach. Now. Hopefully, more than eight people will be saved this time because this is the last time. Contrary to popular teachings, there will not be another chance if you are left behind. The term left behind, means what is states. Those who are left behind will not make it to Paradise––ever.

How can I say this? Because believers’ focus is not on God. Their focus is on self and what the rest of the world focuses on: where to get a good education so one can have a good career, making good money; all the while doing this they are searching for their soulmate, so they can have children and start the whole cycle all over again. Oh, and lets not forget the ultimate vacation, the bigger house and bigger toys––goals that are exactly like the rest of the world’s (Matthew 24:38-39)––exactly like the heathens that God continually warns His people about in His Word (Torah). God does not want His people to do as the heathen do, because those things will always lead them astray, far from Him and His Torah.

Yeshua wasn’t kidding. He meant what He said. When He states “many are called, but few are chosen” He meant that He calls all those He created, but only a handful will actually make it into His kingdom. Why? Because their focus is out of whack!

Presently, there are only a very few people who are actually paying attention and reading their Bibles. And out of those, there are still even fewer who are grasping the Truth of God’s Word (Torah).

And that is what God meant when He stated “My people will die (perish) because of lack of knowledge.” Believers today not only lack the knowledge of the Bible, God’s Word, they also lack the knowledge of what He is trying to show His people today: namely the Hebrew roots Biblical knowledge. And the number gets bigger when we consider all those in the Hebrew roots movement who also don’t actually read their Bibles, and blindly follow others that also do not read their Bibles.

Believers are in grave danger of completely missing Yeshua when He returns! And truthfully, have you ever studied the verses that state He will return in the flesh? If truth be known, none of the verses state anything of this sort.

Yeshua already returned when He came to give His people His Spirit. The angels stated that Yeshua would return in like manner (Acts 1:11), as in He went up in the Spirit, and He will return in the Spirit. Well, He already did that (but it was a miqra––a rehearsal). No where else does it actually state that Yeshua will return in the flesh.

Because He really doesn’t need to come in the flesh again.  Yeshua did what He needed to do the first time, so why would He come back in the flesh again?  Yeshua’s coming in the Spirit, was a miqra (rehearsal) for the end of this age––something that He will repeat only once, so we’d better be ready.

In the four thousand years before He came, God only appeared to individuals sporadically. When He came to the Earth two thousand years ago, He had two agendas which required that many would need to see Him in the flesh. But since then He has asked us to have faith in that which we cannot see.

We just may be waiting for something that isn’t going to happen.

HOWEVER, there is going to be an END to all that we know on this Earth, and Yeshua will be the One to initiate this. We will just have to wait and see how He plans to return.

No matter in what manner He returns, Yeshua is still expecting His people to be following His Torah, and focusing on learning everything we can about Him, to be ready for His return. Yeshua should be our focus––everything else is irrelevant and should not hold the importance in our lives that it does.

Do you want to miss Him? There are in fact signs now that the End is near, so we should all be focusing on God’s Word and watching what is going on in Yisrael at all times.

Constantly going to conferences and Festivals clear on the other side of the world will not teach you anything about God. No one ever learns anything at these events. They simply get their temporary spiritual high, maybe take a few notes that they will never look at again, and then go back to their very worldly lives.

Get your Bible out, dust it off and actually sit down to read it. Get yourself a Strong’s Concordance, a Jewish Tanach with the Hebrew, and maybe a few other books such as Tozer’s books or my books, and dig into the Word of God––the Torah. This is the only place you will find the Truth that Yeshua needs you to find.

Addendum (9-25-18):  I recently read a very interesting book.  It was fiction, but it set out to prove that mankind needs God.  How the author went about it though, was to make his characters non-believers who were scientists and technology experts.  They created a virtual world, and kept rewriting the program because no matter what they introduced into the program, the people in this virtual world always came to the same conclusion––they would self destruct.

Even when they introduced someone who all the people worshiped as a (false) god, they still came to the same end––self destruction.

We have had just about 6000 years, most of us left to our own devices and decisions––and guess where we are headed?

It isn't that mankind is predestined for this inevitable end, but it is in the nature of fallen mankind to always go toward self-destruction.  They cannot save themselves from a situation that is unavoidable.  Mankind, as well as all creation, is deteriorating––there is no reversal for this condition.

I don’t write to pacify the masses, I write to warn the few who will actually listen. If you are offended, then go back to sticking your head in the sand because you will never get it, therefore you will perish and spend eternity in hell.

The rest will hear that Last Shofar in their spirits––and they will make it to Paradise, living eternally with Yeshua!

Don’t miss the boat!

Just Like the Days of Noach

Updated September 25, 2018