Be still and know that I AM God.”

הרפו יודעו כי-אנכי אלהימ

Note that God is calling Himself chi-Anochi Elohim (כי-אמכי אלהימ) in this sentence. The prefix ki in front of Anochi (I AM) tells us that Yeshua means business with this statement, as this word means I AM is burned into the mind so we can never forget that He is God and in complete control. He knows what you are going through.

The Hebrew word for still is rafah, which means to be still or do nothing. It is from the root word rafa meaning to heal or make whole. When the body is healing, we actually do nothing but allow the body to heal on its own. We cannot do anything in our own power to speed up the healing.

The word for know is yada, and means to ascertain by seeing or to acknowledge. Therefore, this verse means exactly what it states in English: we are to do nothing, allowing God to work in our lives (whether we like it or not).

God is not interested in our comfort while He works in our lives; He sees the Big Picture, and is only concerned with the outcome––His perfect will for our lives. And so, if this verse is ever God’s answer to your prayer for deliverance from some very uncomfortable situation you consider unbearable, do nothing and know that Yeshua is working something in you (or possibly in your circumstances) for your eventual favor (Psalm 86:17).

The Commentary in the Jewish Tanach states that Psalm 46:5 (6) is the dawn of the final redemption. Note that the city of God always indicates Yerushayim (Jerusalem), and Yisrael (Israel); (Yisrael is always compared to Yerushalayim; Revelation 21:9-10).

God is in the midst of her (Yerushalayim/Jerusalem; the city of God), she shall not be shaken (moved); God shall help her just at the break of dawn.”

אלהימ בקרבה בל-תמוט יעזרה אלהימ לפנות בקר

When our prayer for a particular situation is answered (know that this statement is telling us that this prayer will in fact be answered––Yeshua is not saying no), God will be there just in the nick of time––as always. Because He lives outside of all dimensions and is not confined by the limits of our sense of time and three-dimensional world, He is never late! You will see redemption!

Psalm 46:10

Updated August 26, 2018