A Prayer

Between Samuel and king Josiah, the Pesach was not kept. Then in the 18th year of Josiah’s reign, he returned the Pesach offering to the people and to God, and then for the next 13 years it was kept.

The Pesach offering has not been kept correctly, or according to Scripture, since king Josiah was killed in battle.

Even though king Josiah did in fact restore true worship and the Pesach offering to the people and to God, too much evil had already been done and the next 22 1/2 years, more evil was done. The prophetess Huldah told Josiah that Jerusalem would suffer because of all the evil, but that Josiah would not have to witness Yisrael’s captivity––because Yahweh would take him to Paradise.

The Pesach offering is the Blood Covenant offering to God.

When, oh Yahweh Yeshua God, will You return Your people to Your Truth? Why are You allowing them to continue in error and sin?

Please reveal Yourself to them, and show them Your true Covenant and Your true Scriptures.

Will there be another holocaust since Your people still have not returned to You and Your true Covenant? If so, my heart is so sad about this. My heart is heavy Yahweh. Please help me to understand and to help You return Your people to Your Covenant.

You came two thousand years ago to restore Your Covenant to Your people, but not many accepted You.

Today, there are still so many in error. No one keeps Your Pesach or Your Shabbat correctly, according to Your Word. Today, they and all the Feasts have been perverted.

Pesach is not celebrated at all as Your Blood Covenant celebration––Matsot is celebrated, but called Pesach. Matsot & Yom Bikkurim are not celebrated at all.

Shabbat is not celebrated according to Scripture either. No where in Scripture does it say to light two candles, recite the prayers that are recited, nor is Shabbat to be celebrated on Friday evening. Shabbat is all day Saturday.

This is one reason why the Yisraelites went into captivity. While in captivity they continued to sin and distort God’s Feasts. They even changed the shape of the Hebrew letters (those letters that Yahweh designed!). When they came out of captivity, these sins just continued, as well as many other sins.

I pray You would lead Your people back to Your Torah––soon.

Then they will see.

Since King Josiah

Updated August 7, 2018