Since money rules the world, I truly believe that the world’s financial situations will tie in with all the End Times prophecies. There is so much going on in the world financial market that most people in America do not know. China’s, the UK’s and EU’s, as well as Germany’s financial situations are all tied into America’s financial situation––which is in dire straits. It is no longer about our own economy––America is impacted by global economic trends.

The very fact that computers are running the world’s stock market is not only scary, it tells me that things will escalate quickly, possibly this year (2019). And those markets will be affected by the business going on all over the world.

Some tactics by some global banks, are pushing the world closer and closer to the brink. Today’s banks have become reckless. It’s never been about the banks, per se, it is about their actions weighed against the economic situation. Things are not right today, because the banks involved in the 2007-2008 crash were never held accountable. In order to avoid another, more devastating crash, America must revamp its Financial system (although it will never be done). America is built on business. The banks are the engine of that business, and they must be brought into order. It is this extremely shaky global financial situation that will usher in the End Times. Over the next couple of years, watch how this evolves, because things are still building up. But in the financial world, things move fast when there is a crash so keep a close eye on what is going on in the world.

The banks are operating on a rapidly-moving downward spiral of principles of stability and trust that have been shoved aside and replaced by a quarterly balance sheet and outrageous bonuses. To survive, this all must end now. To do nothing means eventual destruction of the world’s economies and life as we know it.

The major fact is, banks (all over the world) have not changed their way of making money since the 2007-2008 crash. In fact, they have gotten much worse. They are literally pushing our economy over the brink of no return––just to reap billions in overnight profits. China is the one to watch right now, because their economy may implode first. Whether or not America’s, China’s, the UK’s, the EU’s or Germany’s economy will crash first, it will affect the whole world’s economies.

So how does this all tie in with the events in Revelation? Because there really won’t be any room for an Earthly savior in all this mess. However, there just might be someone (backed by the devil) who thinks he can save the world from this financial mess we are in. Don’t believe him!

Presently, no one (except a handful of people) is paying attention to what is going on in this world. They are continuing to live their lives as if life on this Earth will continue to go on just as it has. Many even think it can get better. But if you look at the situations just in America, one can see we are headed for a financial implosion.

Prices of merchandise and food go up every single week. The costs of housing is outrageous, and it is not going to go down––there is no room for it to go down. The number of homeless is staggering, because they simply cannot afford rent or they can’t find jobs. Our children kill other children. Violence is applauded by the music industry. TV is completely out of hand, and immorality has taken over so much so that we have become immune to it. Yet, no one sees these things as a trend toward disaster. They only see them as something to fix.

None of this is going to change, but I’m writing this so that my readers can be more aware of what’s really going on this world––and especially in America. We haven’t had a good President in this nation for a very long time, because Scripture tells us that a nation who continually sins will continue to have leaders who are worse than the last one. America needs to turn back to God. Only then will things change for the better. But alas, I’m sad to say that is never going to happen either. So beware, and be prepared.

One must ask oneself, “Is this true?” If so, “What do to protect myself?” The question you must ask yourself is “Am I ready for Yeshua to return?!” because when the economy crashes again, and it will, it will most likely not revive again––because this time it will be a credit crash all over the world. We have been living on borrowed time with our corrupt credit system.

Some of the experts say since America became a nation, an economic crisis of some sort has happened every fifty years. Some say it has happened every seven years. No matter how often it has happened in the past, it will be different this time. There will be no coming back this time.

What we must understand is that this particular crisis has been a long time in coming. The way the credit and debt works in this present world is completely against God’s Way of thinking. And we are running out of time.

These same experts say this economic crisis will happen this year or next (2019-2020), but there is really no good way to know if this is true (and its really all in God’s timing anyway). The most we can do is to prepare as best as we can.

Some suggest we stock up on food items, preferably non-perishable items. The emergency experts say we should also keep at least a month supply of water on hand as well. But if your money is tied up in stock options, I suggest you get out now. Putting your money into gold may also not be wise because gold prices are also headed for a crash.

Credit is based on the promise that debt will be paid back. But if consumers and banks default on those promises for whatever reason, there will be a domino effect around the world.

The debt-to-GDP ratio has doubled, or even tripled for many nations since the banking crash in 2008. When the debt cycle makes a turn for the worst, asset prices and the real economy will be in for a shock. The scary truth is that debt is expanding twice as fast as the economy. The government’s financial situation is deteriorating, and there is no one to buy up this nation’s debt, as China has done in the past. China is second to America with their own relentless debt, and their financial system is definitely on shaky ground as well.

Banks used to keep loans to a little less than their deposit base, ensuring that they would have plenty of cash in reserve. But now the real level for m the big banks is nearing 100%, a threshold where there is a sudden shortage in funding. The experts say this is the classic precursor to a banking crisis and is well within the realm of possibility.

One thing I’d like to say to those of you who are blaming President Trump for the government shutdown: you all must have memory loss! Where have you been? This happens every single year and it is a child’s tantrum because someone didn’t get their way!

It is congress that should be blamed because they are completely out of control! These people do not have the people of this nation’s interest in mind. They are reckless and selfish. Every single decision they make affects this nation in a negative way.  Our government is not run by God, and therefore it is a complete mess!

There is no real way to know when this is all really going to happen, but if you keep your focus on Yeshua He will guide you to the answers. This financial event has been foretold in Scripture (although the result is more likely to be a famine, so we shouldn’t be surprised). What we should do is be prepared, because its looking more and more like this will all happen in our lifetime.

The prophecy experts say we have about seventy to eighty years from when Yisrael became a nation again (1948) which would bring us to 2018 or so. I believe we have until 2028, meaning the end could happen anytime between now and then. That means the real trouble would start around the year 2021, only two years from now!

I do not believe anything end of the worldish will happen just yet (January 2019) because there is still so much to happen regarding preparing God’s people. Are you absolutely sure you are ready? Do you really know Yeshua (Jesus)? Do you know His Word and are truly obedient to it? Do you even know what His Word is?  These are things to find out now before it is too late.

Our Global Financial Mess

Updated January 20, 2019