The problem with the doctrine of original sin is that no where in the Hebrew Scriptures does it state that sin is separation from God––in those words. What you will find is that when Adam and Chavah (Eve) sinned, they brought death into the world––to stay. Therefore all mankind (Adam and Chavah’s descendants) became subject to death. Adam and Chavah were already subject to sinning or they wouldn’t have sinned in the first place, so we cannot say that they brought sin into the world.

The Hebrew word for grace is chen (חנ), which means a fence of protection. Those who believe in God have a fence of protection from the heathen. So to be fenced from the heathen means to be protected by God. This is the same as being separated from God––those who believe and keep God’s commandments are on one side of the fence, and the heathen (those who do not believe) are on the other. So you won’t find the actual English words separated from God in the Scriptures.

That fence is the Torah. Therefore those who do not know God are fenced from those who do know Him––those who do not know Torah. To find grace in God’s eyes means to be protected by Him because you believe His Word and keep it. To fall from grace means to fall out of God’s protection. If one does not know God, then they are indeed not under His protection. They do not have grace in His eyes.

When someone is born, they do not have the capability of knowing God, His Torah or keeping His commandments yet. Therefore, although they are born into death when born, they are not separated from God at birth. They are still only a spirit and therefore that child’s spirit would return to God (verses coming soon!) if they should die at an early age.

Therefore, what we call original sin, is actually original separation from God’s protection. Sin was already here on Earth when Adam and Chavah sinned (thus the term sin).

Original Sin

Updated September 6, 2019

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