He is Echad
God goes by many names––Elohim, Abba and Yeshua are only a few of His names in Hebrew. But one that really stands out is Anokhi (I AM). God’s name I AM is used almost one hundred times in the Books of Moshe (Torah), and Yeshua used I AM about forty times in the New Testament, when referring to Himself.

God came in bodily form to show us by example the Way we are to live. The Spirit of God, also known as the Holy Spirit (Ruach haKodesh) is Yeshua is the Father is the same Spirit who abides inside us, surrounding our own spirits giving them His Life. This same Spirit of God abides in Moshe and many others in the Hebrew Scriptures.

So there is one throne, One God. Yeshua sitting at the Right Hand does not indicate a second throne or second God - it is a Hebrew idiom meaning the Right Hand of Power; i.e. the Power of God. Yeshua walked in the Right Hand of Power, in the Power of God, because He is the One and Only God - or as the Jews know Him: Echad. He is the Right Hand.

Echad is a Hebrew word meaning all-encompassing One. Echad can also be translated as the word unity. Webster defines unity as 1. the quality or state of being one; 2. continuity without change; 3. the reference of all the parts of an artistic or literary composition to a single main idea; 4. the totality of related parts. God is the Totality of All, at the same time He is One. He is One continuous God Who never changes. He is unity. God is One plural being - One plural Spirit, and He can manifest Himself at least seven different ways - He is a sevenfold Spirit. This is what the word Echad means.

He is Yahweh - God Incarnate
Yeshua is Elohim in the flesh. Yeshua is Yahweh in the flesh. We say Yeshua is God incarnate, but do we really understand this statement as it truly is? Few of us realize the depth of meaning that is in the phrase Yeshua is God incarnate. We still think of Him as three different beings, or people, but He is not - Yeshua is One plural being, and He far surpasses the trinity concept we all have of Him. (We must know and remember that the phrases that support the trinity doctrine were not written until the 4th or 5th centuries, therefore they are not true.)

God chose to come to this earth as Man the same way all mankind does, as a baby, born of a woman (so He could die for mankind’s sin). He told this woman, Myriam (a very willing vessel of His), to name the Child Yeshua, and that is the Name He had while on this earth - and it holds much Power, because He is God. Yeshua, our God, is all present, past and future Authority and Power. God is His Own Son.

God came to earth to restore His Way to His people. As mentioned earlier, the sect of the Parush, who were heavily influenced by Greek culture and philosophy by this time, had changed God’s Way tremendously, and He needed to restore them and all His people, back to His Way. This Way is mentioned over one hundred twenty times in the Hebrew Scriptures, and over twenty times in the New Testament (See God’s Way of Life, Section I).

Yahweh was clothed Himself in human flesh - the embodiment of Eternal Life itself came in human form, with infallible integrity. He is Yahweh and wanted to reveal Himself in all His fullness to us from this surprising and miraculous perspective. He knew this would help His people to stand strong in faith and victory in Him our Great God, Yahweh, King of the Eternal Universe - Yeshua!

He is Hashem
Yeshua is the One the Jews call Hashem (the Name) because they haven’t said His Name Yahweh in about 2300 years––this practice is based on a Pharisaic false teaching from about the third century BC, and still continues today. But Yeshua and Yahweh are One and the Same echad God. Yeshua paid for our freedom from past traditional burdens, with His Life.

We should still reverence God’s Name Yahweh of course, and it is still magical, but God gave us His Name in the Torah. Moshe, David and the Prophets had no problem with saying or writing Yahweh, so we need not either. To give God the respect and reverence He deserves would be to use His Name when speaking to Him or about Him - not being afraid to speak it. So say His Name Yahweh, as well as Yeshua, with confidence.

He is the Hebrew Jesus
Because the Pharisees were the main sect at the time, many believe Yeshua was a Pharisee, and had learned their ways. While it may be true Yeshua studied under Gamaliel's father, a Pharisaic sage, in order to learn the traditions they taught His people, Yeshua was far from being a Pharisee Himself.

By the age of twelve Yeshua was already well-versed in the Hebrew Scriptures. Yeshua is the Word of God, so naturally He knew the Torah from a very young age––long before He was twelve. We must remember that Yeshua taught against sects (there were no sects until after the Greeks invaded Israel).

Yeshua came to restore His people to His Covenant––His Way. The Parush (Pharisees) had strayed far from God’s Way and had been teaching their own traditions of men for about two hundred years by the time Yeshua was born.

Yeshua didn’t need to study under anyone. He is Torah, so He knew Torah. He was actually the perfect sage for the disciples to study under, for He knew Torah perfectly. By the time Yeshua was thirty, He had established Himself as a well-respected teacher of the Torah––according to Hebrew standards on the Earth at that time.

Yeshua (Jesus) has always been a Hebrew, and will always be a Hebrew. He did not change. Mankind changed Him. The name Yeshua went through a bit of an evolution as it was transliterated and then translated into other languages. Any number of complicated explanations have come along in the last two thousand years to explain how Yeshua became Jesus. The best I have seen in all that I have read, is that it went from the Hebrew Yeshua, to the Greek Iesous, to the Latin Jesu, to the English Jesus. But Yeshua is Hebrew through and through––He did not change. A Hebrew will never change His God or who He is––especially Yeshua.

He is the Alef and the Tav
This was an eternal statement that Yeshua made. In stating this, He was in essence saying that He is the Messiah of the Hebrews. That is why the Parush were so angry, thinking He was blaspheming. They didn’t understand (or were blind to the fact) that God would come to earth Himself.

This statement also means that Yeshua is the actual Word of God, as John wrote in John 1:1. Alef is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet (alef-bet), and Tav is the last letter. By stating “I AM the Alef and the Tav” Yeshua was saying, “I AM the first letter and the last letter, and everything in between - I AM the Hebrew alef-bet, which makes me the Word Himself.” He was also saying He is the first and the last, meaning He is the First, or the One and Only God, and the Last - One and Only God! The Hebrews knew this statement to be eternal, and that Yeshua was saying that He is God!

God created the Hebrew letters, became them and then spoke our world and us into being by using the substance that is the Hebrew letters. The Word God spoke to Moshe (Moses) were these Hebrew letters, and Moshe recorded it for all to read.

Yeshua never said “I am the Alpha and the Omega” because He did not speak in Greek to the Hebrews. Yeshua is the Hebrew Alef and the Tav––He is the Hebrew alef-bet. He is the Hebrew letters, and every single word used in the Hebrew Bible. What Yeshua actually said was “Anokhi haAlef v’ haTav” (I AM the Alef and the Tav).

He is the Seven Spirits of God
Yeshua describes Himself as the seven Spirits of God (Revelation 3:1, 5:6). The Menorah represents the seven Spirits of God. Yeshua is the Light of the world, for He is the seven Spirits of God. Light is a metaphor or idiom for Salvation, so being the Light of the world, Yeshua is the Salvation of the world.

The word Menorah has the word for the Light of a lamp in the center, which is the Hebrew word Ner. Yeshua is the center of the Menorah, which is also called the shamash or the servant lamp. This lamp is used to light the other lamps. In the first few chapters of Revelation, we see Yeshua in the center of seven Menorahs. The Menorah is the seven Spirits of God (or the seven eyes of God).

The name Yahweh cannot be tied to one tense or one time. Because of this, the Name Yahweh is the word for all existence (the root of YHWH is havah which means to exist): meaning He was, He is, He will always be.

Many people think they must have God, Yeshua and the Spirit to have the full Power of God. But they are not three separate people, nor beings nor entities––He is One God. When you have the Power of God, you have the Power of Yeshua. When you have the Power of the Spirit of God, you have the Power of Yahweh, Who is Yeshua. All three are simply different Names of One and the same God––Yahweh (remember, the Hebrew word for sevenfold or seven Spirits is shabatayim, the root meaning an indefinite number.)

He is the Son
This is a tricky one because Yeshua is not a Son in the same sense as we know this English word (check it out in the Strongs Concordance––it is not as simple as Son). The word ben actually means the life of the family or he continues the family. The Hebrew word bar, which is also translated as Son, means the house man (or the Temple man). The word bar can also mean heir apparent, which was the son of a Hebrew family, and it can also mean beloved.

The ancient meaning of the Hebrew word bar means house man (or temple man––a Hebrew idiom of the temple is house, which we find many times in Scripture).

Yeshua is from the house or temple because He is the God who lives there. In essence, the word bar means Yeshua is God, Who used to live in the Temple, but now resides inside each person who believes in Him, and knows that Yeshua is God and Messiah. Today, the modern Jewish meaning of bar is Son of the Covenant.

Since Yeshua came to the earth as our example in all the things of God, when God said "this is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased," ( Matthew 3:17) it is possible God never called Himself a Son, but Beloved, and in that respect, the text most likely actually read “this is my Beloved, in Whom I am well pleased,” (if God actually said those words).

But then again, this sentence could also be our example of what God says whenever a person comes to know Yeshua. Every single person who is saved becomes a son of God (Luke 6:35 & Matthew 5:45), for we have become of the blood of God––heirs apparent.

Another word mistaken to mean that Yeshua is God’s literal Son, making Him a separate being from God in English, is begotten. The Hebrew word Yalad means begotten as in from God, or born from Heaven. A related word Yachid means the only or unique One or the only One. Together, these words express something that is hard to describe in English words. Yeshua is the begotten of the Father. God also calls Israel His son (as in the nation of Israel) (Exodus 4:22). Those of us who believe in God, in Yeshua, are also the begotten of the Father, for we are spiritually begotten from above (the true term for born again). But God is His Own Son.

He is the Good News or Glad Tidings
The Good News (or Glad Tidings) is about Yeshua. These Glad Tidings are about God, the Messiah, coming to Earth to redeem His people, and ultimately all mankind. He is the fulfillment of all the Hebrew Scriptures which foretold of His coming.

The Hebrew word for Good News or Glad Tidings is Besorah. The ancient meaning of Glad Tidings or Good News of Yeshua is what comes from inside the Man nailed by the destroyer.

God brought the Glad Tidings (Besorah) to us in the form of His dying on the cross––shedding His Own Blood to atone for all mankind’s sin. Yeshua is the Good News we are to testify about––not what He has done for us as individuals, but what He has done for all mankind. If you tell people your own testimony, you take the focus off of Yeshua and put it onto yourself. We are to never mention our past (idols) again once we have salvation (Exodus 23:13 & Joshua 23:7)––talking about our past is a very Greek thing to do, and it is of the world. We are not Greeks (heathens), the people of God are Hebrews (Ibrit) (Isaiah 44:5).

He is the Last Sacrificial Lamb of God
God’s Plan of Salvation included Himself coming to the earth as a human Man––one who is mortal––to allow Himself to be killed, to die on the cross to atone for all mankind’s sin, with His Own Blood. He was the ultimate, and final, Passover Lamb––the final sacrificial Lamb for sin.

Some say Yeshua (Jesus) was born in the lambing barn for Passover lambs, and we know that He died on Pesach (Passover), as all Pesach Lambs do. Everything God did and does, has a Divine purpose and a Divine plan.

When Yeshua had that last Pesach dinner with His talmidim (disciples), He told them to remember Him whenever they came together for the Pesach meal each year. He wanted them to remember His Blood Covenant––that which He had restored to them, and thus the addition to the Pesach celebration about remembering Him. The Pesach is in fact the remembrance of God’s Blood Covenant with His people, and His Blood Covenant is the Torah and His Word.

Yochanan called Yeshua the Lamb of God because it had been revealed to him Who Yeshua was and what He had come to the Earth to do. Yeshua was the final sacrificial Lamb for sin. God never wants the Hebrews to forget His Blood Covenant. And He never wants us grafted-in Hebrews to forget it as well, for we are to remember that we too are to drink from the cup of the Covenant of God’s Blood. All believers are always to remember the Blood Covenant of Yahweh, our God, Who is our Yeshua, our Salvation––the Lamb of God.

He is the Suffering Servant (son of Yosef/Joseph)
Yeshua came to this Earth not only to restore and teach His Way to His people, He also came as the ultimate and Last Pesach Lamb sacrifice. He was also the final sin sacrifice for Yom Kippur, fulfilling all the sin offerings and sacrifices of the Tabernacle and Temple (Hebrews 9:26, 10:18 & 10:26).

To simply say that Yeshua died for our sins, is so anti-climatic. What actually happened to Him (or He allowed to happen to Himself) was much worse than what our movies portray. Isaiah 52:14 gives us quite a literal description, “His visage was marred (disfigured) more than any man’s, and His form more than the sons of men, so He will sprinkle (His) Blood and water on many nations.” In other words, He didn’t just die on that cross, His Blood and water came out to be poured on all nations––to cleanse them of all their sin and unrighteousness. His Blood for their lives, and the water for the Torah that was to be implanted within those who choose to believe in Him.

His appearance wasn’t simply bloody, it was beyond recognition, it was so disfigured. But this disfigurement was not only because of all the beatings, it was from all the sin that He took into Himself. All of mankind’s sin: disease, anger and hatred, pain, deformities––everything that is the result of sin––Yeshua took all this sin into Himself. And when He suffered (more than we’ll really ever know) and gave up His Spirit on that cross and died, He took all that sin with Him to death. Isaiah 53:4-6 gives us another description of what occurred on the cross, and is also a description of the Suffering Servant, the son of Yosef (Joseph).

Yeshua died on Pesach as the Hebrews’ final sacrificial Lamb. He is God manifested as His Messiah, Yeshua. Only God’s Blood, and His Blood alone, could atone for all mankind’s sin. And so, He not only came to earth as our Teacher and a Man, He came deliberately to be killed on that cross.

Not because He wanted His own people to be blamed for His death, but He knew that the circumstances of His day would deem it to happen as it did. There could be no other way that God could die, but by the hands (indirectly) of His own people because they were the ones who offered the sacrifices.

And the Hebrews were not the ones who killed Him––while He allowed Himself to be bound and nailed to the cross by the Romans, the timing of His death was His own doing. He died long before He was supposed to, and when Roman soldiers came to break the legs of the other two criminals, Yeshua was already dead so they did not break his legs––fulfilling the prophecy (Exodus 12:46, Numbers 9:12 & Psalm 34:20). Yeshua was indeed the ultimate Suffering Servant, the son of Yosef (Joseph), but He rose to become the King of the Hebrews, the son of David.

He is our Healer
Yeshua healed countless people when He walked this Earth. He healed people through His disciples in the first century. The Power that He gave to His disciples in the first century is not the same today. But it will be soon.

Although we can see supposed healing miracles through the laying on of hands, or lengthy praying, that is not how Yeshua healed, nor how He healed through His disciples. Because of His Power, all He, or later through His disciples, had to do was walk by someone and they were healed. Some people just touched the fringes of His outer garment and they were healed. Yeshua is the Great Physician. He is our Healer.

He is our Example
Yeshua was our example in all the things of God’s Way of Life on this Earth. He did the things He did, and said the things He said, all so we would have an example. God came to Earth in the flesh of Yeshua, as one of us, and did everything the Way we are supposed to keep the Torah (God’s Way). The Pharisees had changed God’s Way so much, that He came to restore His Way to His people––giving them a living example.

Yeshua learned the Torah just like all the other Hebrew children, and He taught Torah as a Hebrew sage. He did all the things that were required of a Hebrew, including immersing in water to cleanse for righteousness (Matthew 3:15)––all for our example to follow.

God’s voice could be heard when Yeshua came up out of the water, saying the very same thing He says to everyone who becomes born from above: “This is My beloved Son, with Whom I am well pleased.” God wasn’t calling Yeshua His Son, although it is capitalized because of Who He is. He was simply stating what He would say about every single son of God who becomes born from above (also known as born again). He was our example for when we become saved, and then immersed in water (a metaphor for the Torah). When we come to know God, and then immerse for righteousness’s sake, then God says those very same words to us, “This is My beloved son (or daughter), with whom I am well pleased.”

When Yeshua was taken out into the desert (wilderness) to be tempted by the devil, He first fasted for forty days (supernaturally)––this is not a physical possibility for us, as we would die after only a few days with no food.

The devil tested Yeshua in all the same ways we are tempted, although we are given only three examples. In each of these three examples, Yeshua responds to the devil’s tests, quoting from Devarim (Deuteronomy) each time. Even when the devil himself quotes from Psalm 91:11-12, Yeshua again quotes from Devarim 6:16. Whenever we are tempted (tested) by the devil, in whatever way that may be, we are to quote from the Hebrew Scriptures (and it appears Devarim is the most likely place we will find a response to whatever the devil is doing or saying to us).

At the age of thirty, the age that had been determined at that time, when a Hebrew can become a sage (after proper Torah studies), He began teaching Torah to those who wanted to learn. Yeshua and His disciples were our examples of what discipleship truly was, and should be today––teaching and learning Torah.

Since Yeshua is God, He knew who would follow Him, so He called those people to learn Torah, but still told us of the cost of discipleship. There were many who followed Him, but not that many who were willing to give up everything. Another example of what to expect when sitting at the feet of Yeshua (Jesus).

All of Yeshua’s teachings are straight from the Torah. All the things He said and did were examples for us so we would know God’s Way. He gave us numerous examples, where His disciples were also examples because they imitated Yeshua. This is why we are told to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises (Hebrews 6:12)––Yeshua’s disciples, who were also our examples because they imitated Messiah (Moshiach). And even though it is thought that Shaul (Paul) didn’t actually write 1Corinthians, it says in 1Corinthians 4:16 to imitate Paul. He states this again in 1Corinthians 11:1, but adds that we are to do this because he imitates Messiah. We are to imitate Yeshua because He was our perfect example of the proper walk with God, which is also known as His Way and the Torah.

He the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob–Israel’s Messiah
Throughout the Bible Yahweh God is called Israel’s Savior (2Samuel 22:3, Psalm 106:21, Isaiah 43:1, 3 & 11, Hosea 13:4), in other words, their Messiah. He clothed Himself in human flesh, coming to Earth as His Son and Messiah, as Yeshua. He did so in order to shed His Own Blood to atone for mankind’s sins, therefore making Him their Savior and Messiah. And He has been here this whole time just waiting for His people to recognize Him as their Savior, King and Messiah!

Yeshua is God, so He is One and the Same God Who Abraham, Isaac and Jacob worshiped. He is God’s Moshiach (Messiah), the One Who the Scriptures spoke of and prepared for. And He did come, almost two thousand years ago.

Those who do not yet know Who Yeshua is will know soon enough, for He will show them one of these days on Yom Terauch. He will pour out His Spirit on all of Israel, and then they will know their Messiah, Who is Yeshua––the very same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Who also called Himself their Savior!

He is Malki-Tsedek (Melchizedek)
What is written about Malki-Tsedek is not easy to understand if you don’t know Who He is. Many try to guess Who this is, but once you know Who Yeshua really is, you realize that He has already manifested Himself on this earth many times - long before He came as Yeshua. The Hebrew word Malki (a derivative of Melekh) means King in English, and the Hebrew word Tsedek means a righteous man in English. These two words together mean the King of Righteousness, He is introduced as a King and a Priest Who is the King of Salem (Genesis 14:18)––we know Him to be Yeshua because He is the only One Who is both a King and a Priest. (Salem is really Shalem or Shalom, which is also an early name for Jerusalem, which is Yerushalayim in Hebrew). Yeshua is the Sar Shalom––the King or Prince of Peace (Hebrews 7:1-28). Yeshua is Malki-Tsedek.

He is the Angel with Whom Jacob wrestled
Just as Yeshua manifested Himself as the King of Righteousness, He manifested Himself many times throughout Scripture as the Angel of Yahweh. In other words, whenever God manifested Himself in the flesh on Earth, He really came as Yeshua––Who is God in the flesh (Daniel 3:25, John 1:1-2, 14 & 1John 1:1), as is the case when He came as the Man Who wrestled with Jacob. That is why Jacob named the place Peniel where he wrestled with the Man in Genesis 32:31, “And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel, for I have seen God face to face and my life is preserved.” This is where God changed Yaakovbs name to Yisrael (Jacob to Israel). And since Yeshua is God in the flesh, He is the One Who wrestled with Jacob. Yeshua is the Man Who wrestled with Yaacob.

He is our Creator
God’s very Name tells us Who He is: the root word of Yahweh is havah, which means to exist, and placing His Name Yah in front of it gives us Yahweh, the ancient meaning being in His Hand is all that exists.

Yeshua is the exact same God that created our world and us. Yahweh, the One and Only very Holy Spirit, created the Hebrew letters, then He became those letters and created words with them. Those letters and words are the substance of those things God spoke into being. He simply spoke in Hebrew, and they were there. His Name Yahweh literally means He is our Creator, but know that our Creator is One and the Same Yeshua, Who is also Yahweh, Who is also our One and Only God. So if Yeshua is existence itself and holds all that exits in His Hand, then He is our Creator.

He is our King (the son of David)
God is our King. He continually tried to tell His people that He was their King, but still they wanted an earthly ruler. Gideon, one of Israel’s judges also tried to tell Israel that God was their King (Judges 8:22-23).

Yeshua Himself even told us, and the Parush (Pharisees) even accused Him of being the King of the Hebrews––He actually came through the Royal line of David so He is actually King, and considered to be the son of David (Matthew 1:1). The Royal line began with David, and ended with Yeshua––all from the same family. Yeshua was not only an Earthly King, He is our eternal King (Matthew 9:27 & Luke 18:38)!

He is our Father
We were created in God’s likeness––the Hebrew word that is usually translated as likeness is damah. Damah literally means of the blood or from the blood. That means believers are of the blood of God. That makes Him our Father (Av, Ab or Abba in Hebrew).

We can trace our heritage all the way back to Adam, and then to God, for Adam was of the blood of God. Adam is a Hebrew word that means first blood. And blood is Life because it is tied to creation: adamah is the Hebrew word that means soil, literally meaning what the first blood comes from, because Adam was created from the soil of the Earth.

The key word in all of the words above is the Hebrew word dam (dom) which means blood. It is God’s Blood––and His DNA––that He gave mankind. Blood is tied to creation because it is God’s Blood that runs through our veins––we are literally made of God’s Blood and dirt. We are the evidence that God is our Creator!

God is Spirit and He created us, and we are also nefesh (spirit with a flesh and blood body). We are spirit, but because God gave us His Blood, we are also bodies of flesh and blood. Yeshua is literally our Life, so He is our One and Only true Father.

He is our Savior, the God of our Salvation
Yeshua gave us another example so we could know we are saved––saved from the wrath of God and eternal life in hell. Yeshua is Yahweh in bodily form, and did not need to be saved, for He is already the sinless Spirit of God and Holy. But He went through the process of cleansing for righteousness by immersing in the Jordan. Yeshua wanted to show us what He wanted us to do after we are saved––immerse for righteousness sake.

But it isn’t the immersing that saves––it is Yeshua’s Spirit coming to dwell inside us that saves, literally surrounding our own spirits bringing them back to Life. Yeshua's disciples were not saved until after He gave them His Spirit on Shavuot ten days after He ascended to Heaven. When they received His Spirit, their own spirits came back to life, reconnecting them to Himself (Who is God). Yahweh Yeshua (Yahweh, our Salvation) is the God of our Salvation (Psalm 18:47), and His Name Yeshua means Salvation in English. He gave us His Name, Yeshua, so we would know we are saved.

He is the Holy One of Israel
Psalm 16:10 is a prophecy of Yeshua. In Psalms 71:22, 78:41 & 89:18 Yahweh is called the Holy One of Israel by King David. In Isaiah alone, over 24 times the reference to God as Holy One of Israel can be found.

In Isaiah 10:20 Yahweh is called the Holy One of Israel, and is a prophecy about Yeshua. There is absolutely no doubt that Yahweh and Yeshua are one and the same, and He is the Holy One of Israel.

He is the Branch
He is the center Branch of the Menorah. This is so full of the many faces of God, they can’t all be listed––but below are just a few of the amazing things within the Menorah––which prove without a doubt that Yeshua is indeed the Branch.

The center Branch of the Menorah is called the shamash, which is the Servant lamp and we all know that Yeshua was the suffering Servant. This center lamp is also called the Ner Elohim, which means the Lamp of God. Yeshua is the Light of the world, which is the Menorah, which is the Lamp of God. The Branch, is the main artery of the trunk of the Tree of Life––and it is Yeshua (see The Menorah in the appendixes).

He is Our Help
In many verses where the word help is used, it is actually the Hebrew word teshuah which means deliverance, rescue or salvation. But in most cases the words azar or ezrah are used (the Hebrew name Ezra means help).

Webster’s definition of help is: make it easier for (someone) to do something by offering one's services or resources. Our Help is in fact Yeshua, because He is our Salvation. Giving one help, when they cry out to Him can come in the form of making a situation easier, or in the form of rescue or Salvation––but all from Yeshua. No matter the type of help one needs, Yeshua is there for us. He is our Help.

He is the God Who Never Changes
We often quote these verses: Psalm 102:27, Malachi 3:6 and Hebrews 13:8, yet our lives are contradictions to what He has told us to do. We continually say that God is doing a new thing or we speak of His new Covenant and no longer under the old Covenant and then we wonder why God is not blessing us.

There cannot be an old Covenant if God never changes, for a Covenant cannot be voided. Therefore there is not a new Covenant––it is a Restored Covenant (restored being the true meaning of both the Greek word kainos, and the Hebrew word chadashah).

Yeshua’s Way (the Torah) is the same as it was 2000 years ago, 4000 years ago or even 6000 years ago. God does not change––that is what He tried to tell us 2000 years ago because the Israelites had come to believe He had changed His Word. This is the same message today––He is still trying to tell us that He did not change nor did He give us a new covenant. God does not change; never has and never will––and this means His Covenant does not change either. His Way (the Torah) worked whenever it was obeyed, and it still works today.

He is our Kinsman Redeemer
Ruth is the best book to find the meaning of this. Boaz represents our Kinsman Redeemer in that it is the Way of a kinsman to purchase the land of a woman, and all that is hers (exactly what Yeshua did for all mankind). She (the bride of Messiah) then belongs to Him and He is responsible for her life. He is supposed to take care of her for the rest of her life. It is God’s Way to care for the elderly, the widows, the fatherless, and even those who have no one to take care of them.

Yeshua is our Kinsman Redeemer and He has purchased us, therefore He is responsible for our lives. It is Yeshua Who is supposed to take care of us––all of us, because as humans, we really don’t do a very good job of taking care of ourselves. Some of us won’t let Yeshua be their Kinsman Redeemer, but that’s all He wants from us––to be willing to trust Him and let Him take care of us.

He is the Man in Jericho
In Joshua 5:13-15, we cannot trust the capital letters in these verses. But what we can trust is that the Man was worshiped by Yehoshua (Joshua). Only Yahweh Yeshua (Yahweh, our Salvation) is worshiped. The Hebrew word Man in these verses is iysh. The word for an ordinary man is adam. But the word for the Bridegroom is also iysh. This Man was most definitely Yeshua!

He is Israel, the Vine
Yochanan (John) tells us that is the true Vine in John 15:1. In Psalm 80:8-9 it is most definitely speaking of Yeshua, because it speaks of God taking Him out of Egypt. The true Vine takes root in His people, takes them and plants them in their land. The Vine is Yeshua, and Israel is the Vine. They are One (metaphorically). You really cannot separate God from His people. God’s people, who are Israel, are Yeshua, the Vine.

He is Bigger than we Know
We know nothing and God Himself tells us we do not know His Way. He keeps trying to teach us His Way, but we don’t listen because we think we know better. We must learn to have reverence for the God Who can take back the breath of Life from us, leaving us to turn to dust in an instant.

The best place to read about how BIG God really is, is in Job, where God tells us Himself in chapters 38, 39, 40 and 41. In 38:1 God begins with speaking to Job about his friends’ very bad advice, “Then Yahweh answered Job out of the whirlwind and said, ‘Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?...”

“Have you commanded the morning since your days, causing the dayspring to know its place, so it might take hold of the end of the earth, so the wicked could be shaken out of it?” (verses 38:12-13)

“Have you given the horse strength? Have you clothed his neck with a waving mane? Can you make a leap like a locust?” (verses 39:19-20) “Will you also annul My judgement?! Or can you thunder with a voice like Him?” (Notice God speaking in the third person.)
God pretty much says to Job that if he could do all these things, then God will confess to Job “that your own right hand can save you.” (verse 40:14)

Besides speaking about Himself, in chapter 41 God goes into great detail about what He could do to the leviathan (dinosaur or dragon/devil), and also what this creature looks like. He is saying all this because Job has just confessed that he thinks he is righteous––Scripture tells us that Job thought he was righteous in his own eyes (Job 32:1). So God decides to set Job straight.

Please read these chapters of Job and you will have a pretty good idea of how Big God really is, and Who He is. You will have a restored reverence for Him, because He is bigger than you know!

He is the Way, the Truth and the Life
Yeshua is literally the Way. The Hebrew word for Way is dat or derek––dat means the door (or Way) to the Covenant; and derek means the door (or Way) a person covers (as you choose a path or way, you go through a door).

The Hebrew word dan means judge and literally means the Way to Life (or the door to Life). The judge offers justice and redemption. God is our Judge, therefore He is our Way. Because He is our Judge, He is Truth. Because God’s Spirit gives us Life, He is our Life. And Yeshua is the Turth, the Life and the Way (John 14:6).

He is Love
We cannot possibly describe love in human terms, for the Love of Yeshua speaks louder than words. He has patiently waited for His people to come back to Him for almost six thousand years. And that is Love - a Love only God can claim to be.

God didn’t send His Son to die for humanity, because He is the Son. God came to Earth Himself as Yeshua, stepping foot into our three dimensional world, clothed in the form of His Son. God came as a human being so He could accomplish what needed to be done––the shedding of His Holy Blood ––to be brought to His true altar in the Heavens to make the final atonement for the sin of all mankind.

Only this kind of sacrifice could mend that disconnection from God. And only this kind of Love, a Holy Love, could accomplish this - deliberately coming to Earth purposely to die for His people. This a Love that no human can claim to have or be for mankind.

He is Alive
Yeshua died on that cross two thousand years ago, but He also raised Himself up from the dead––to live eternally! God had to become human in order to do so, but because He is God and Life, He also raised Himself up from the dead to destroy death. He gives us the promise of living an eternal life with Him, if we believe.

No other god has ever claimed to be alive. All other gods are made of wood or metal or some substance other than flesh and and Blood and Spirit. People who believe in other gods, make their own claims and perhaps even believe their god is alive (but they have no proof)––their gods are actually devils who are behind those images of wood, stone or metal.

Other people cannot become gods, nor did they ascend to Heaven as Yeshua did. Other people cannot be mediators between us and Yeshua. They cannot speak to us, nor can they hear us, and they are not in the Heavens with God––they are in Paradise, which is here on Earth. So they cannot speak to God, nor can they help anyone who prays to them––only God can do this because He lives in many dimensions of time and space. People, who are created beings, cannot do what God does for this very reason.

Other gods are anything or anyone who takes our focus off of God Himself. Yahweh (Yeshua) is the only God Who is alive.

He is returning very soon!
When God first came, He came physically in the flesh as Yeshua. He came into our world the way all humans come––as a baby through a woman. He was ben-Yosef (son of Joseph), but He is now bar-Elohim. And He fulfilled the Spring Appointed Seasons (feasts or festivals), as well as Yom Kippur.

He will return in the Spirit to fulfill the other two Fall Appointed Seasons, Yom Teruach (revealing Himself to the Jews) and Sukkot (calling His people to meet Him in Paradise). He will be coming to take His rightful place as bar-David––our King.

I say Yeshua’s Spirit because that is exactly how He already returned at Shavuot (Pentecost), when He came to give His people His Spirit. The correct translation (according to the true translation of the actual Greek words) of 1Thessalonians 4:17 is:

“Those who have had sin removed by Yeshua, will be taken for Himself by His Spirit (to the other side), because of His Spirit dwelling (encountering our spirits) inside us.”

When God calls us to come meet Him in Paradise, our spirits will go where His Spirit goes because our spirits are connected to Yeshua’s Spirit. What will actually happen is our spirits will meet Yeshua in the Spirit and cross over to the other side––and we will find ourselves in Paradise, because Paradise is beyond this side (beyond this dimension)––meaning it is on the spiritual plane in another dimension.

The angels stated in Acts 1:11 that Yeshua would return in like manner, as in He went up in the Spirit, and He will return in the Spirit. Well, He already did that. No where else does it actually state that Yeshua will return in the flesh. Because He really doesn’t need to.

Although He is reigning right here, right now, He will be physically on this Earth reigning over a restored Earth––and an incorruptible Earth. He will return to physically Tabernacle among us on this restored Earth. This will be happening soon––very likely in our lifetime! I believe Yeshua’s Spirit will return to call us to Paradise during the fall feast of Sukkot (Tabernacles) in some year very soon!

Are you truly ready?

Who Is Yeshua?

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