Response to Orthodox Rabbinic Accusations

There is a book that has already been written proving most of these accusations are wrong (Man, Myth, Messiah by Rice Broocks), so I will not be writing a book. However, I do want to address these accusations from an Hebraic point of view, without using the New Testament as proof that they are wrong.

There are also a few items this book does not cover, so I will also address those. A few of these accusations are also covered in my book I AM the WAY, and you can see some of them in Altered Verses on this site.

I may have missed some of these accusations, so as I discover them or you ask me about one in an email, I will add my responses to this page.

How the Messianic Movement Began

Christians have been accused of starting the Messianic movement in order to draw Jews to Jesus, when in fact this movement was started by the Messianic Jews themselves. Click here to see this accusation squashed.

Original Sin Is Not in the Bible?

The problem with the doctrine of original sin is that no where in the Hebrew Scriptures does it state that sin is separation from God––in those words. What you will find is that when Adam and (Eve) sinned, they brought death into the world––to stay. Therefore all mankind (Adam and Eve’s descendants) became subject to death. Death, which is sin, is the power that destroys life.

Adam and Eve were already subject to sinning or they wouldn’t have sinned in the first place, so we cannot say that they brought sin into the world. However, although sin was already here on the Earth, because evil was already on the Earth, no one knew about it until they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Therefore before Adam and Eve sinned, sin had not been introduced into the lives of all mankind––into God’s creation. And with it came death and destruction to all of God’s creation.

The Hebrew word for grace is chen (חנ), which means a fence of protection. Those who believe in God have a fence of protection from the heathen. So to be fenced from the heathen means to be protected by God. This is the same as being separated from God––those who believe and keep God’s commandments are on one side of the fence, and the heathen (those who do not believe) are on the other. So you won’t find the actual English words separated from God in the Scriptures.

That fence is the Torah. Therefore those who do not know God are fenced from those who do know Him––those who do not know Torah. To find grace in God’s eyes means to be protected by Him because you believe His Word and keep it. To fall from grace means to fall out of God’s protection. If one does not know God, then they are indeed not under His protection. They do not have grace in His eyes.

When someone is born, they do not have the capability of knowing God, His Torah or keeping His commandments yet. Therefore, although they are born into death when born, they are not separated from God at birth. They are still only a spirit, and therefore that child’s spirit would return to God (Ecclesiastes 12:7) if they should die at an early age. Therefore, although not in those exact words, what we call original sin, is most definitely in the Hebrew Scriptures.

The Hebrew word for sin is chatat and actually means to miss the mark or target. The word Torah is a Hebrew word that comes from the root word yarah, which means to throw, to point the Way or to shoot an arrow. Therefore, the Torah becomes vital if we don’t want to miss the purpose of our lives. The Torah points out the real goals of life––it shows us how to hit the mark––how to stay in God’s Way. If we go the way of sin, our lives will go the way of death and destruction.

Vicarious Atonement

The Orthodox Jewish Rabbinic community claims that vicarious atonement is not in the Scriptures. They use 2Samuel 12:13 to prove that God forgave King David’s sin without a blood sacrifice, however when you continue to read you find that God took David’s son in his place––which is in fact vicarious atonement––while it may also have been because of the fact that the enemies of the King knew all about what he had done, it was most assuredly a life for a life (Genesis 9:5-6, Exodus 21:23 & Deuteronomy 19:21). It may not have been spilt blood upon the altar, but it was someone dying for another’s sins.

I have found at least three verses (Job 14:4, Psalm 51:5 & 58:3) that prove that mankind is in fact born in sin, meaning that all people have always been subject to sin. But originally they were NOT subject to death, and neither was the Earth.

Adam and Chavah repented, God forgave them and made them clothes from the skin of an animal to cover their nakedness, which had to have been the actual first blood sacrifice made by God Himself. Scripture tells us that God does not allow anyone to spill blood for no reason, and He wouldn’t have done so Himself.

God had to have taught the Torah to Adam and Chavah right then and there, and then showed them how to sacrifice to atone for their deliberate sin (both Cain and Abel knew to sacrifice to God––Genesis 4:3-4). He knew they would need a way to cover their sins––both intentional and unintentional, and then pass it on down to their descendants.

When death came into our world––the Earth was also now subject to death, which brought with it corruption, which is death concerning all of God’s creation. Sin was already here on the Earth, but it was not activated until Adam and Eve actually sinned. From then on, sin and corruption took over God’s creation, and thus death too took over His creation. All of God’s creation is destined to last no longer than 6000 years...

Isaiah 52 & 53

Isaiah was a prophet and the prophets all wrote in the past, present and future throughout their books because that is how God gave these things to His prophets––God lives outside all known dimensions of time and space, and therefore gave His prophecies in much the same manner as He thinks and sees. We must be able to discern where these passages are with the help of His Spirit. The Rabbis seem to know where other prophetic passages are, but they completely miss any of those written concerning the Moshiach.

Fortunately, some Jews have read Isaiah 52 & 53 and they see that they have not been changed by the Rabbis––they see Yeshua in those verses. Although God calls Israel His Servant in many places before and after these two chapters, in Isaiah 52:13 through 53:1-12 He is speaking of Himself in these passages. It is a prophecy of His coming to the Earth Himself to sacrifice His Own Life for His people’s sins. Many a Rabbi claims that if God wanted them to know He was coming Himself to die for our sins, He would have told them. Well, He did, not only in these two chapters, but others as well.

They are blinded to the truth of these two chapters, choosing to look at them only in the natural––never actually seeing what they really say. In the Hebrew tradition of PaRDeS, the Jews look at every verse in different styles of interpretation––so how is it that these two chapters are only looked at in the P’shat (literal)? If you look at these two chapters from the Jewish point of view, you can see that Isaiah Chapters 52 & 53 should be interpreted through the Sod style, as well as the P’shat.

The Moshiach is God, and He is the One representing the Suffering Servant in this passage. Yeshua (one of God’s Names) could have easily put His Name Yahweh in these passages and most of us would have gotten it. However, Yahweh didn’t think it necessary because those who know Who He is, know of Whom these verses are speaking.

The Kosher Foods Industry

Those who claim to be Jews who run this industry are wicked. They gouge their own people with high prices, and their own poor cannot even afford this so-called kosher food. They cannot afford to always eat kosher, and they definitely cannot afford to buy all the proper (according to the Rabbis) foods for the festivals.

The diet as laid out in the Scriptures is very clear, so there is no need for all the supposed additions that complicate matters––and created this terrible industry, that is only out to make a buck off their own people.

Keeping God’s People Separate

This is demonic in its origin. It is evil what the Orthodox Jewish Rabbinic community is doing to Christians or Gentile Messianics who are converting to Judaism.

They are convincing these gentiles that they only have to follow what they call the Noahide Laws. They convince them that they are Benai-Noach (children of Noach). They claim that before the Flood, the people kept only these Noachide Laws. But this is most definitely NOT true.

Adam and Chavah’s sons knew to sacrifice to God, and Noach knew to sacrifice to God when he came to dry land. He also knew what animals were clean and unclean. Adam and Chavah knew the Torah, and passed it down to their descendants. They did not keep anything called the Noahide Laws (that cannot be found in Scripture). They are fabricated and can only be found in the Talmud.

There is one of these Noahiade laws––you shall not eat a limb of an animal while it is still alive––that is worded in English by the Rabbis so preposterously, that no gentile believer would understand it. However, if you research what this means you find Genesis 9:4 and Deuteronomy 12:23-25 which states: Only be sure that you do not eat the blood, for the blood is the life, and you shall not eat the life with the flesh. You shall not eat it; you shall pour it out on the earth like water. You shall not eat it, that all may go well with you and with your children after you, when you do what is right in the sight of the Lord. Do not eat blood period. How the Rabbis twisted this to come up with this off-the-wall law is beyond me.

If one is keeping only these seven Noahide Laws, they will not be keeping the Torah and God will see this. God never said anything about these so-called Noahide laws in His Torah.

What do you think the gentiles are being set up for? They will not be protected by God and His Torah if they are not keeping all of His commandments (Torah). And why are they being kept separated from the Jews? Aren’t all believers God’s children, and called Yisrael (Isaiah 44:5)? Doesn’t He see all of His children the same (Deuteronomy 10:17)?

Israel is the Light of the World?

I don’t think so, at least this is NOT what the Orthodox Rabbinic Leaders are doing––what they are doing is pure hatred for Christians and Messianic Gentiles. Most of their accusations are very outdated concerning the Church, and therefore do not apply to every single Christian.

There have been several statements made by the different Rabbis on YouTube that can be considered as extremely anti-Christian or anti-Gentile, and therefore cannot be construed as being a light to the nations.

Originally their goal was to bring Messianic Jews back to Judaism, but instead they are getting many Gentiles (those who do not know, nor read their Bibles) who want to convert to Judaism. Because they don’t know what Scripture really states, they have been persuaded by some very charismatic Rabbis.

But this path is a trap of the Satan (Satan––saw-tawn––is a Hebrew word meaning the adversary). If you fall for it, you will lose your life.

Yeshua represents Israel and is the True Light of the World!

False Accusations by those who reject God

Christianity is copied from ancient pagan myths? Bill Maher, Bart Ehrman (whose last name is Jewish, BTW), David Strauss, Gerald Massey, Dorothy Murdock, Sir James George Frazer, Bruno Bauer and Karl Marx, to name a few, are those who have rejected God and set out to prove He doesn’t exist using false accusations.

All of the ideas that state that Christianity came from pagan myths are completely fabricated. Quite the opposite is true.

The so-called fact that Jesus resembles the ancient Greek pagan, mythical god Horus in every way, is a lie––for one, Horus could not have been crucified as this was a later Roman form of execution. We cannot believe any information that we find online concerning accusations by those who reject God. Everything concerning all of these ancient pagan mythical gods is simply not true.  Just because there are counterfeits does not mean that something real does not exist.

All of these accusations did not start until about 200 years ago, and have been exaggerated and changed over the years by those who reject God.

The Trinity

Although many of the ancient mythical god claims online suggest that the Trinity is false because Christianity copied them, it is not false because of these false accusations.

In fact, several years ago I discovered the Trinity was a false teaching without knowing about these claims, and found it to be false because this doctrine is simply is not in Scripture.

The trinity doctrine is a false doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church because they did not understand our very Hebrew God and His Word. You can find proof of the following statement in both the Encyclopedia Britannica and on the Catholics’ own website, “The definition that the Holy Spirit was a distinct divine Person . . . came at the Council of Constantinople in AD 381.” This was over 250 years after the last of the apostles had died, and is when the trinity doctrine actually began.

In many places in the Hebrew Scriptures God is referred to as “the Spirit of God,” which if read incorrectly could appear as if God’s Spirit is separate from Him. The Catholic Christians brought this particular reference to the Constantinople council and it was decided (voted on) that God’s Spirit is separate from Him. And God’s Spirit was subsequently called the Holy Spirit, and Yahweh (or Jehovah) was called God. But then there was the problem of God’s Son––Who was He? God’s actual Son (Son of God, which is actually a reference to many people as well), is a separate Person? Or a part of Him?

Remember, the Greeks brought debating into the lives of the Hebrews, and then this demonic practice carried over into the lives of the Catholic Christians as well. Jesus was never the actual Son of God. What Scripture states in a couple of prophecies is that the Messiah will be mourned as a son (Amos 8:10 & Zechariah 12:10). Whenever the Hebrew word translated as as is used, it does not mean an actual son. It is used as a comparison to a son or the way one might feel if they were to mourn over a son, but is not speaking of the Messiah as an actual son.

However, the Catholic Christians turned it into a doctrine thinking it was speaking of the Moshiach as the actual Son of God, and thus the false doctrine of the third person of the Trinity was born in the late fourth century. The Trinity is not even in the New Testament, let alone the Hebrew Scriptures.

1John 5:6 reads very differently in the English Standard Version, which is from second century manuscripts (the earliest we have), “For there are three that testify: the Spirit and the water and the blood; and these three agree.” However, in all other versions (which were from manuscripts from the sixteenth century), this verse reads as variations of, “For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost:and these three are one.”

Many early believers, one being Eusebius who lived in the early fourth century, saw the earlier manuscripts and state that the above sentence was not in any of them. He did not believe in the Trinity, as it was a later development.

God’s Oneness should be our object of worship. He is Spirit, and He is only ONE Spirit. His Spirit is not separate from Him, nor is His Spirit His Power. His Spirit is Who He is. God is Yeshua, and therefore Yeshua on the cross was God on the cross. God Himself came to offer His Blood on the altar in the Heavens in order to atone for mankind’s sins permanently.

The Messianic Prophecies

Is Yeshua in Prophecy? What about Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah 9:6 or Isaiah 53? There is one Rabbi on YouTube that continually asks, “why didn’t God put it in the Scriptures if He was intending to die for His people’s sins. Don’t you think we should know that?”––and every time He says it, I say “But He did!” I was thinking of Isaiah 53. Yes, Israel is the servant spoken of in this prophecy, but there are a few verses that are speaking of the coming Moshiach, Yahweh Yeshua.

Jews don’t see these prophecies because most are not in their version of the Bible. This same Rabbi has written two books pointing out how the Christians changed the Hebrew Scriptures. I’m sorry, but Christians would never have thought of that, and there would have been no reason for them to do so.

However, the Rabbis were smart enough to go through all the Scriptures (because they have them memorized), and change the appropriate passages and/or words. They had something to protect, and they had to do something because they no longer had a Temple to do the sacrifices.

This same Rabbi always says God is not a Man, therefore He cannot be the next and final King. But what about Genesis 49:10 where even the Rabbis’ commentary states that Shiloh is God, and therefore the Moshiach, which makes Him King: “Until Shiloh arrives, i.e. the Messiah, to whom the kingdom belongs.”

However, they are wrong about the Earthly kingdom not ending. The Moshiach is God, and therefore His kingdom will never end. Judah’s reign ends when Shiloh (the Messiah) arrives. A human king will not be able to take away mankind’s sin––because he would be a man. The messianic King will not be a mere man, He will be God––the only One Who can take away our sins.

And then there are Zechariah 14:9 and 14:16? These all state that God is in fact the Moshiach, and therefore King––now and forever––He has been King for almost 2000 years so far, and when this age ends, He will take actual possession of the land!

In the story of Gideon, in Judges 6, 7 & 8, the people want Gideon to be their king, but he tries to tell the people that God is their King (Judges 8:23). The people rejected God as their King and wanted an Earthly king––just like the Jews do today. Because of this worldly request by the people, God gave them a very bad king at the first––Saul.

The Orthodox Jewish Rabbis claim that the resurrection of people did not happen when Yeshua came, otherwise it would have been big news. Matthew 27:51-56 tells us exactly that––that when the veil was torn in two, graves were opened and those who came out of those graves appeared to many. I seriously doubt the Rabbis would have wanted this information to get out, but they do know the New Testament so I have no idea how they missed this. What I think is even more interesting is the fact that at least one of the Rabbis has a problem calling Jesus by His real Name, Yeshua.

Most prophecies are a miqra. Most prophecies will happen again because the first time around the prophecy was a rehearsal (to meet with God), but most likely the final event will happen in a different manner than the first time.

We also must remember that some things have not yet been fulfilled, and will not until the end of the age, such as sin being taken away actually manifesting. God had to give us time to accept Him as our Moshiach and Savior. Most of His people had followed the Parush (Pharisees) and their false teachings, and so God had a secondary agenda while on the Earth––to reteach as many disciples as He could who would believe and learn the true Torah. The time we have been allotted to accept that God did actually come to the Earth to atone for all mankind’s sin, is almost up.

The Sacrificial System

Do we really need the blood to atone for our sins? Well, there is much more to this Sacrificial system than meets the eye, and it does indeed have to do with the Blood. The Blood is something more spiritual and sacred than most know.

There is a very specific reason, besides God’s Plan of Salvation involved in these sacrifices:

"For the life (spirit) of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given the blood for you to make atonement for your spirits (or lives) on the altar, for it is the blood that makes atonement for the spirit (or life)." Vayikra (Leviticus) 17:11

Although we don’t see this statement by God until Vayikra (Leviticus), it has always been true. This could be a mysterious statement and concept, but we find the truth about the blood in the Hebrew language.

The Hebrew word for blood is dam (dom). Adam (Aw-dom) means first blood (the first letter, alef, means first), and adamah means soil (the ancient meaning being where first blood comes from). The soil from which Adam was created has the root word blood (dom), as well as all these words. Damah means of the blood, and translated into English as image or likeness. Making mankind in His image or likeness doesn’t mean that we look like God, it means He created us as spirits with a flesh and blood body, because He is Spirit and He gave us His Blood.

Yeshua’s (Yahweh's) Spirit is now inside each believer. The word Life is nefesh in Hebrew, and as you’ve probably already read previously, actually means a spirit with a flesh and blood body (also usually translated as soul), so it is tied to ruach, which is Spirit. The ruach is intertwined with nefesh when Yeshua has given a spirit His Life. God’s sacred Blood is literally running through the veins of every single living creature.

The Hebrew language gives us so much more information. Blood is tied to creation and to Life, therefore blood must also be used to atone for mankind’s spirits (lives).

Leviticus 5:16(b) tells us that the Blood of bulls and goats did indeed atone for sins (temporarily, for the past year). Leviticus is known as the book of purity and holiness, which is what atonement is all about. We are told in Hebrews 10:1-4 that Yeshua’s sacrifice of Himself to atone for mankind’s sins was permanent, and that He had to offer His Blood only one time for all mankind––and that the Torah teaching is a shadow (miqra) of the coming of good things (good news). Since ancient times the Hebrews (Jews) used red wine to express God’s Blood Covenant––the red wine symbolized blood.

Most intentional sins were atoned for on Yom Kippur, once a year. For all other sins, there was a variety of ways the sinner could expiate his/her sins (be forgiven). If one does not have to atone for their sin with blood, and only has to repent, it negates God’s Torah. If a murderer commits a horrible crime and simply asks to be forgiven and is let out of jail, then a just punishment is missing. When the Temple was standing, intentional sins were most definitely atoned for on Yom Kippur. And some crimes were dealt with immediately by God, or by whoever was King or Judge at the time. They were usually stoned if the crime was murder. How dare these Rabbis suggest that intentional sin takes only the repentance of the one committing the crime! That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of.

It simply does not make sense that only unintentional sins does one have to bring a sacrifice to atone for their sins, but for intentionally sinning all they get is a slap on the hand? We have a problem Houston, if this is so. If someone is wronged, justice cries out for something to be done.

Everyone has violated God’s Torah and have acted in ways that hurt others and undermine His creation. We all deserve judgment, even death. So God’s Plan of Salvation included His coming to the Earth Himself in order to shed His Own Blood to atone for all mankind. What if we were just to receive a slap on the hand for our sins against God and His creation?

While Leviticus 17:10-11 is most definitely speaking of the commandment to not eat the blood because it is sacred, Genesis 9:4-5 is speaking of God requiring blood for blood––a life for a life. We also need to ask God why the Blood is sacred, if we are to understand why we are not supposed to eat it. And yes, we have the right to ask these things of God. He wants us to ask and He wants us to learn whatever we can about Him.

Although I don’t believe that there was ever a real person named Paul, whoever wrote the books attributed to him is right when he/she wrote in Hebrews 9:22, “...almost all things are purged with blood.” This is referring to the Yom Kippur sacrifices, thus the words “almost all...”. I don’t see how much more clearly God could get.

You can find the true meaning of the seven Feasts of God in the I AM the WAY book in Section IV, The Appointed Seasons of God. And they are in even more detail HERE on this site. The Sacrificial system has much more meaning than the Jews give it. They seem to belittle the Feasts, giving them very little importance (because they are the foundation of God’s Plan of Salvation and the Jews do not know this).

And as far as sacrificing a human being is concerned, meaning Yeshua (Jesus)––He is God. He is not a human being nor was He a human being two thousand years ago. The Christian idea of Yeshua is completely wrong. They were wrong about the Trinity, and they are wrong about Yeshua being 100% God and 100% human. God came Himself, because only His Blood could atone for all of mankind eternally. He is 100% God only. People did not sacrifice a human, it was God sacrificing Himself.

This Sacrificial System is not symbolic, it is very real to God, and He wants it to be real for His people too. Back when they were still doing the sacrifices, they did indeed know and understand about God’s Blood Covenant, but during and after the Babylonian exile many things began to change for the Israelites. They did not come out of this exile in complete obedience to God’s Torah.

The Rabbis skewed the teachings of the Torah to their own advantage––remember, these Rabbis used to be the Pharisees. The Pharisees were highly influenced by the ancient Greeks when they came marching into Jerusalem about the third or fourth century BC. They were also a very haughty sect, which I see is also true of the Orthodox Jewish Rabbis today.

The Pharisees did indeed change many things such as the washing of hands and feet, and several of the purity laws, the shape of the letters in their alphabet, as well as the ceremony of Shabbat, and all things pertaining to the sacrifices. They had already changed so much, that they just continued––and eventually forgot why they were supposed to do the sacrifices. These sacrifices no longer have the importance or meaning that they did over 2300 years ago.

The Rabbis changed Scripture so the people would never know what these sacrifices really mean––because of their ignorance (or unbelief), they intentionally mislead the people. This was done because they thought they were protecting the people. This is what they need to repent of––not only unbelief, but complete rebellion against God concerning His Blood Covenant and His Torah. Those who are not Rabbis need to repent of being ignorant of the true Scriptures and never searching them out themselves. Why have most Jews never questioned what they were being taught over all these years? The Jews have been suffering over the last two thousand years because of these things. They are in sin against God and His true Torah.

The Jewish Satan vs the Christian Satan

On close examination of the Scriptures, I have found that Satan does not fit the Jewish, nor the Christian description of what we call the devil.

English Definition

Devil: ORIGIN Old English dēofol (related to Dutch duivel and German Teufel), via late Latin from Greek diabolosaccuser, slanderer’ (used in the Septuagint to translate Hebrew śawtawn ‘Satan’), from diaballeinto slander,’ from diaacross’ + balleinto throw.’

Therefore, the word devil is really just another word for the satan, which in English really means adversary. There really is no such thing as a devil––Satan did not turn into a devil, nor did he fall from God’s grace. He was created as an evil being right from the beginning of his creation.


Evil is not a concept, nor is it profound immorality and wickedness. It is not the opposite of good. Evil is a being (or beings) that God created (Isaiah 45:7 KJV). Evil is the devils and/or demons who were created by God long before mankind was created.

The Satan (adversary) did not rebel against God and then fall from His grace. The Satan was created as an evil being from the day it was created. God is the one who created evil, mostly to test our faith in the beginning. But since God came to the Earth, Satan has been let loose to run rampant on the Earth.

Life has never been about good against evil. Its been all about mankind’s never-ending battle against his own tendencies to rebel against God. Satan is just there to help us out.


The Jewish Satan was created to test man’s faith, is under the authority of God and supposedly does not have free will because he is one of God’s angels. He must always get permission from God to do anything. We can sort of see this in Job 1:12. However, God did tell Satan he could do anything he wanted with Job, except harm his person––that meant he could harm all those close to Job in any manner he wanted.

Killing people is in fact free will. Satan and his helpers (demons, if you will) had the choice of what to do to Job’s possessions and family. Although the adversary (what the Hebrew word satan actually means) was under God’s authority to a point, he and his helpers have free will to do whatever they want.

The Orthodox Jewish Rabbis use Job and 1Chronicles 21:1 to back up all that they say about this adversary. Perhaps only in both these verses did the Satan need God’s permission, or perhaps the Rabbis changed Job too?

But you cannot explain all the evil that has been done to the Jews since those days. The holocaust cannot be merely explained away as God testing their faith! That was pure evil and the Satan could NOT have God’s permission to do that horrible evil to them. And all the shootings that seem to be everyday occurrences these days, cannot be God simply testing our faith!

The Christian Satan seems closer to the truth, but there is nothing in the Scriptures stating that Satan was ever an angel that later fell from God’s grace, or that he was ever kicked out of the Heavens. Therefore neither one is right.

The only place we seem to find this is in Revelation, however Verse 1 set this chapter up as being the period of time that lead up to Yisrael becoming a nation again in 1948 (this is an addendum to Chapter Five in Playing the Harlot). And since Revelation 12:3 is referring to the seven empires that are always used to chastise God’s people, we cannot look at the rest of this chapter as anything other than speaking of events that happened during seventh empire (operating as a sort-of-eighth empire) events. The dragon being thrown out of the Heavens is an Hebrew idiom (verse 12:9) meaning that it (the seventh empire) was defeated (temporarily). The dragon is not symbolic of the devil.

Although Job 1:6 states that Job was with the angels when he came before God, it doesn’t actually say he is one of the sons of God (another Biblical term for angels)––it simply states that he was there.

The Satan and his helpers are in fact the evil that God created (Isaiah 45:7). Since they seem to be angels in the Scriptures, it is very possible that Satan and his helpers were created as evil angels at the start. Therefore they would not be opposed to God or His will, rather they would still be under His authority. But they are the evil that Yahweh Yeshua created.

The Satan is not alone. He has helpers because he is NOT like God, and cannot be everywhere at once––this pretty much refutes the Jewish idea of Satan. Sin is usually the reason someone is tested (but God can simply test someone’s faith as well). Job actually thought he was righteous in his own eyes (Job 32:1), so God allowed Satan to test him to humble him.

The Genealogy of Yeshua

The two genealogies of Yeshua (in Matthew and Luke) have been attacked by the Rabbis because they differ. Christians try to explain them away, calling the one in Luke from Miriam’s genealogy. However, there are a couple of explanations that not many have considered. One rule of thumb suggests that Heli died childless and that Jacob, who had the same mother but a different father, married the widow of Heli and fathered Joseph. Through this idea, Matthew’s gospel provides Joseph’s genealogy through his actual father Jacob, and Luke’s provides Joseph’s genealogy through his legal father Heli.

Another view suggests that Matthew names the legal descendants of David, those men who were the official line of succession to the throne. Luke, in turn, listed the descendants of David in that branch of the Davidic family to which Joseph belonged. This view assumes that Jacob, the father of Joseph in Matthew, died without offspring, and the line of succession then passed to the descendants of Heli.

One other view is that it does not really matter because Joseph is listed as Yeshua’s legal father, but is not His biological father. The truth is, is that Yeshua is God incarnate, and the identity of His Father is Yeshua’s Own Spirit. This whole story was fabricated by the Catholic Christians because they did not truly understand what really took place.

As far as Yeshua being from two tribes, on the One hand, in Yeshua’s day, anyone could be a priest because they were appointed, usually by whoever was in rule (not God). Many people in those days (& during the prior 300-400 years) were both King and priest, because the Hebrews had become quite corrupt (the reason for destroying their Temple in 70AD).

On the other hand, Yeshua is our High Priest, and because He was adopted into the tribe of Judah, He is also the King. Yeshua is in fact Yahweh, Who is God––He created the tribes, so He can do anything He wants! He is King because He has always been King.

It doesn’t really matter that Yeshua wasn’t the actual supposed son of Joseph––Joseph’s line was probably only used to establish that he was from the line of King David (because of all the confusion surrounding His birth). Yeshua was supposedly born into Joseph’s family, and was adopted, therefore adopted by Joseph. In Yisrael, an adopted son is treated exactly like one’s own son.

Earthly kings had to come from the line of David, from the tribe of Judah. But there is nothing in Scripture stating the final Moshiach must be from the tribe of Judah––the final Messiah will be God––and we know that God is not from any tribe––He is God, and He is Moshiach! The King is to be from the tribe of Judah only until Shiloh arrives (Genesis 49:10)––from that point on, Shiloh is the Moshiach and will take over as King. Shiloh is God.

God Does Not Talk to Us?

I don’t know about your God, but my God does indeed talk to me. How else would I know the things I know, or how did I know to join the Messianic movement? I have known things that Rabbis claim are only in the Talmud––because God revealed them to me.

God may not speak to me in the same manner as He did His prophets, who seemed to hear Him so clearly, but He does speak to my spirit with impressions or causes me to see things in my actions, or leads me to a particular passage in Scripture. And He even shows me things in my dreams occasionally, or He reveals things that I would otherwise not have known––some I would never think of myself.

While I was writing my first book I did indeed hear a Voice in my spirit saying “Study my feasts.” My book was not about God’s feasts, nor was I thinking of them because I was writing a book about Revelation. How in the world would I have known to study God’s feasts? This happened several times while I was writing that book (it took me several years to write it, but it was only a few times over those years that I heard this command).

God does indeed speak to us. When a person who believes in God knows to do something, that is God speaking to them. How silly, and sad, that the Orthodox Jewish Rabbis claim that God does not speak to His people. Perhaps He doesn’t speak to them, but He does speak to those who believe God is the Moshiach.

The New Covenant

The Hebrew word translated as new is chadashah (from the root word chadash) which really means to restore, or to restore to its previous condition. So how can there be a new Covenant?

Even the Greek word (kainos) translated as new, wherever it speaks of the new covenant, means the same as chadashah, so for several years now I have been trying to tell people (Christians and Messianics) this in my books and on my website.

There is NOT now, nor will there ever be a new Covenant. The only difference will be that the Torah will actually be written on our spirits or hearts, or the heart of our spirit. We will not need the written Torah because we will know it in our hearts (not simply memorized).

God will finally be able to restore His original Torah to His people because they will be ready to receive it. God’s Torah is His Covenant with His people.

The Meaning of Miqra

In all our Bibles the Hebrew word miqra is translated as convocation, but in fact means a rehearsal to meet with God. Wherever a Feast states there is a holy convocation it is the Hebrew word miqra, and it is not only speaking of a day off from work, but also to tell us that this day is a rehearsal.

You can’t very well meet with God if you are engaged in some kind of work or your own pleasure, so God gave us these days off in order to meet with Him for a rehearsal for the end of the age.

The Hebrew calendar This one is totally absurd. I am sure the Jews have (Talmudic) records showing that the moon showing up every 30 or 31 days changed sometime during the Babylonian exile. They had to fix the calendar in order for the Feasts to fall in the right season of the year, because God caused the Earth to slow down on its axis.

In 358 Rabbi Hillel II introduced a permanent fixed ritual calendar because the moon was no longer showing up when it should (God shortened our days). This is the Hebrew Calendar we know today.

Why did the names of the months change during the Babylonian exile? This is just another one of those things that has no explanation as to why it was done. The pat answer is that it is in the Talmud, but to me that doesn’t answer anything.

The Beginning of the Hebrew Day

There are so many Scripture verses that state the day begins in the morning, and ends in the evening, yet Jews think the day is supposed to begin in the evening. This can only be in the Talmud, because it is NOT in the Hebrew Scriptures. Exodus 16:23-24 clearly tells us that Shabbat (Sabbath) begins in the morning.

Light is an idiom for Salvation, so Yeshua is the Light. The Jews do not know Yeshua, because they are without His Light––their day begins at night because they are full of darkness––there is no Light in their lives. However, believers who know Yeshua and have His Light in them know the difference. They know that the day begins with the morning because the day comes alive, everything in nature wakes up and it is a bright, new shiny day in the morning (Exodus 12:10, 16:23-24, 18:13).

How many times a day should we pray?

In Acts 3:1 we find the ninth hour being mentioned, which is considered to be 3pm, but the original time of afternoon prayer was noon––as it is definitely shown in Psalm 55:17. Morning is very early morning, such as near sunrise; and evening is evening near dusk, according to the Hebrew words. So the times of prayer are early morning, noon and dusk––according to Scripture. You do not have to limit your praying to only three times a day though, pray as many times as the Spirit leads you.

When did Judaism replace God’s Way?

Below are a few of the verses where God calls His religion His Way (however, God never calls His Way of Life a religion), which can be seen more clearly in the One New Man Bible. If you will notice, this list goes all the way through 2Chronicles (the last book in the Hebrew Scriptures). Never once is something called Judaism mentioned.

So where is it that God says He is renaming His Way (also called God’s Way of Life)?

Bereshit (Genesis) 18:19, 28:20; Shemot (Exodus) 13:21, 18:20, 32:8, 33:13; Devarim (Deuteronomy) 5:30, 8:6, 9:12 & 16, 10:12, 11:22, 13:6, 19:9, 26:17, 27:18, 28:9, 30:16, 31:29, 32:4; Judges 2:17 & 22; 1Samuel 12:23, 2Samuel 22:22, 31; 1Kings 2:3 & 4, 3:14, 8:25, 11:33 & 38; 2Kings 22:2; Isaiah 2:3, 3:12, 26:7 & 8, 40:3, 55:8 & 9, 57:14, 58:2, 63:17, 64:4; Jeremiah 2:17, 5:4 & 5, 7:23, 12:16, 21:8, 32:38; Ezekiel 18:25 (twice) & 29 (twice), 33:17; Hosea 14:10; Nahum 1:3; Habbakuk 3:6; Zechariah 3:7; Malachi 3:1; Psalms 1:6, 5:9, 16:11, 18:22 & 31, 25:4, 8, 9 & 12, 27:11, 32:8, 37:5, 23 & 34, 39:2, 44:19, 50:23, 51:15, 67:3, 77:14 & 20, 81:14, 84:6, 85:14, 86:11, 91:11, 95:10, 101:2 & 6, 103:7, 119:1 & 3, 14, 15, 27, 30, 32, 33 & 37, 145:17; Proverbs 2:8, 6:23, 10:17 & 29; Job 21:14, 22:28, 26:14, 31:7, 34:27, 36:23, 40:19; 2Chronicles 6:27 & 31, 17:3 & 6, 21:12 (twice).

In a few of the above listed verses, you will find ways, roads or paths instead of the singular Way; because other translations do not translate the Hebrew word derech correctly––this word in each of these verses is not plural. The Way is not plural because it speaks of the One True Torah.

God’s Way can also be found in the New Testament about 25 times: Matthew 3:3 (teaching of Isaiah 40:3), Matthew 7:14, 22:16; Mark 1:2 (quote of Exodus 23:20, Malachi 3:1) & 3 (teaching of Isaiah 40:3), 12:14; Luke 1:76 (teaching of Isaiah 40:3, Malachi 3:1); John 1:23 (teaching of Isaiah 40:3), 14:6; Acts 2:28, 9:2, 13:10, 16:17, 18:25 & 26, 19:9 & 23, 22:4 & 5, 24:14 & 22; 1Corinthians 4:17, Hebrews 10:20, 13:7; 2Peter 2:15 & 21; Revelation 15:3 (teaching of Deuteronomy 32:4 & Psalm 145:17).

This list is by no means exhaustive. Most of those verses found in the New Testament are teachings from the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament), because they are the only Scriptures they had at that time in history. It is this Way (Torah) that Yeshua taught His disciples.

Is there truth in the New Testament?

Yes, however there is so much error in it that it is hard to separate them, unless you know the Hebrew Bible. In the Appendixes of the I AM the WAY book, I show how to navigate through the New Testament in order to find truth.

Is the Messianic Movement Going Away?

Nope, not any time soon. It is actually an interim movement, designed to show God’s people His Hebrewness and also to bring the Jews back to Him and His true Torah.

While it is full of sects, as well as Christianity, Judaism and Islam, the Messianic movement is the vehicle that God will use to bring unity to His people. He needs His people to know about His Hebrewness, and He needs them to know the Torah––the true Torah, which is His Way (NOT Judaism).

Will Yeshua/Jesus Really Return?

I seriously doubt He will return in the manner that Christians and Messianics think He will. He came back on Shavuot (Pentecost) 40 days after His resurrection. You can read the article Will Yeshua Return?

However, I believe that something will definitely happen because there are still two Feasts to be fulfilled.

The Hebrew King is God. Therefore the final King will not be a man who can do nothing in his own power. How is a man supposed to change the world back to its original uncorrupted form, without sin? No, an Earthly king will only be able to do things confined to this corrupt Earth.

No matter what anyone says, the Moshiach is in fact God.

Do We Have the Original Hebrew Texts?

Historians do NOT have ANY original manuscripts, therefore the version of Bible that the Jews use is not correct in all the areas they point out that the Christians supposedly changed it. The early Christians would have had no reason to change the Bible, nor would they have thought of it.

However, as mentioned before, the Hebrews (today’s Jews) needed to protect themselves and their changing beliefs. It is stated in Essential Judaism by George Robinson, and in From Ezra to the Last of the Maccabees by Elias Bickerman, that the Jews did indeed change the interpretation of the Scriptures, and created the Talmud.

The earliest manuscripts we have are from the second century. When the KJV Bible was printed, the earliest manuscripts we had were from about the 12th or 16th century. The ESV is from that second century manuscript. But we still do NOT have the original manuscripts. The Orthodox Jewish Rabbis are completely wrong about their Jewish Bibles being the most accurate.

Questions concerning Judaism

I used two sources, both written by Jewish people, to come up with the facts you will find under this heading: Elias Bickerman’s From Ezra to the Last of the Maccabees (first published in 1949); and George Robinson’s Essential Judaism (published in 2000). Below are a few questions that I have concerning the beliefs of Judaism.

When Hadrian banned the Hebrews from Jerusalem in the second century, the Rabbis (as the Pharisees had come to be known) had to come up with something for their people since the Temple no longer stood and they were being banned from Jerusalem. They had gone through a metamorphosis during the Babylonian exile, and also during the five hundred years afterward, so they just fell into doing the same thing in the Diaspora. They created the Oral Torah (Talmud), with all its interpretations as results of many debates between them. The Talmud is actually full of ancient Greek debates, rather than real interpretations of the Scriptures. They call the results of these debates traditions, and have successfully added them to Scripture, possibly giving them more authority than God’s Scriptures.

The Christian version of the Bible was simply copied from the “original” because there is much evidence of many Rabbinic traditions in the New Testament. I reject the Oral Torah, not because I was ever taught this in church, but because I read how it came to be in the above mentioned two books.

1. The Tradition of not saying or writing God’s Name

God’s Name is not said, nor written by Jews, Messianic Jews and Messianic Gentiles. Christians don’t say it only because they don’t realize that everywhere it shows as The Lord in the Christian Bible, it is actually God’s Name Yahweh.

Those who do not say God’s true Name, do this (or do not do this) because of one verse, and one word that was most likely translated incorrectly in the Hebrew Bible in order to make it match one of the Rabbis’ added traditions. The word chalal can mean profane, common or ordinary. The Jews translated it as profane. However, that particular word does not fit with the rest of the chapter. Seth was just born to Adam and Chavah, which was a happy time for them. Then we have the sentence: Then to call on the Name of Yahweh became profane? Really? What a most depressing way to end this sentence and section of this chapter!

In reality, from that point up until a short time before Chapter 6, people knew Who God Was, and were following the Torah. So why would He tell them to stop saying and writing His Name? And why didn’t the writers of the Bible choose to call God what the Jews do, HaShem (The Name)? And why would anyone think that calling God The Name is honoring His real Name, Yahweh? That is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard of. And why did all the writers of the Bible continue to write God’s Name in the Scriptures if they were commanded to not do so?

One last thing on this subject: the idea that we are calling our Father by His first name, when we wouldn’t even call our Earthly father by his first name, is also absurd. Given Who God is to us, we cannot possibly put our Earthly fathers in His place. Yahweh is the most Holy One, and above all, the Creator of the Universe! He has given us His Name, so whenever we say His Name Yahweh, we are admitting Who He is to us. God’s very Name tells us Who He is: the root word of Yahweh is havah, which means to exist, and placing His Name Yah in front of it gives us Yahweh, the ancient meaning being in His Hand is all that exists, or the Creator of all existence.

Yeshua is another Name for the exact same God Who created our world and us. Yahweh, the One and Only very Holy Spirit, created the Hebrew letters, then He became those letters and created words with them. Yeshua literally became the substance of those things He spoke into being. He simply spoke in Hebrew, and they were there. He is our Creator. So if Yahweh Yeshua is existence itself (the word yesh also means to exist) and holds all that exits in His Hand, then He is our Creator.

To know Yahweh (Yeshua) is to be humble, because you know Who He is as your Creator. The One Who created all mankind, and the Earth and the ocean and all the creatures in both, as well as the Heavens, too. He is the One holding all this matter together.

His Breath holds us together. To know Him as Yahweh means you know the Creator of all existence. And to know Him as Yeshua, means you also know Him as your Salvation (Yeshuati). To know these two very important facts, and to continually remind ourselves of them by saying His Name Yahweh or Yeshua, will keep us humble.

2. The Synagogue & the Purity Laws

The Parushim (Pharisees) instituted the synagogue. Many of the additions of the Parushim were evident in Yeshua’s time, as we see in the gospels. These changes did not exist before the Babylonian exile, nor before the Greek invasion. The Parush also brought the purity laws, previously applied only to the priests of the Temple, into the Hebrew home, creating an alternate center for sanctity while the Temple still stood in Jerusalem. The teaching of Torah was originally ordained by God to be done by the priests of the Temple. After the Babylonian exile, this practice shifted to the Parushim, outside of the Temple––even while the Temple still stood. However, these teachings were not of the written Torah, they were of the Talmud––something the Parushim created. These changes were never ordained by God.

3. The Oral Law

During those seventy years in Babylonian captivity, the Hebrews’ lives began to change. Some of these changes are the names of the months changed to Babylonian names, the shape of the Hebrew letters changed (see below), the Rabbis created the Sanhedrin myth (George Robinson states in his book Essential Judaism that there is no proof the Sanhedrin ever existed), and the number of Feasts changed as well as the way they are celebrated. In addition, though nothing was ever questioned in the past, since the Greek invasion brought debating into the lives of the Hebrews, it had become common practice among the Hebrews to question everything about God and His Way (the written Torah). And lastly, but by no means the end of the changes, Judaism began to be formed in the minds of the Hebrews. They no longer thought of themselves as Hebrews, and began to identify with the Land of Israel, rather than with God. They were on their way to becoming the Judeans (later the Jews). And they do not acknowledge any recollection of God’s Way. Even though they continually say they study the Torah, they do not follow the Torah. They follow the Talmud (Oral Torah). As a result of the continual debates, the Oral Torah was born. It was later written down––twice––both differing a little, as is to be expected when all the Rabbis do is debate everything (an ancient Greek practice) and come up with different conclusions every time. The very fact that there are two Talmuds means that the Orthodox Jewish Rabbis are wrong about the Talmud being the “second Torah,” and neither one of them is authoritative over the Torah. This supposed oral law given by Moshe (Moses) did not actually begin to be formed within the minds of the Hebrews until sometime between the Babylonian exile and the end of the fourth century BC. The Oral Law is responsible for the many, many continual changes that later became Judaism.

4. The Hebrew Alphabet

Before the Hebrews were taken captive into Babylon, their alphabet was written using a pictographic script. It was the same script used by Mosheh (Moses) and King David. During and after the Babylonian exile, the Hebrews adopted the square style of the Aramaic letters for their own Hebrew alphabet, but the sounds of their letters and the spelling of their words remained most definitely Hebrew. They found these Aramaic (Chaldean) letters were much easier to write on papyrus, but the pictographs (pictures) were no longer clearly seen. However, the knowledge of the ancient script was never fully lost. Writers of the many Dead Sea Scrolls, centuries later, still wrote God’s Name in the original script. And the Samaritans, who never went into exile, still use this ancient script today. No matter the shape of the letters, their language was still Hebrew that the Hebrews spoke and wrote––including Yeshua (Jesus). Hebrew as a language among the Hebrews was not lost until some time during the Diaspora, which began in the second century AD. This is why most people (including Biblical scholars) think that Aramaic was a language that was spoken by Yeshua and His disciples. In His time, Yeshua and His disciples spoke Hebrew. However they most likely knew Greek and Latin, but did not speak anything but Hebrew to each other, or to other Hebrews.

5. Ezra

Because we know that Ezra had a copy of the Torah and brought it with him when he returned to Jerusalem (Nehemiah 8:1), we also know that the Yisraeliym (Israelites) were taught the Torah while in captivity (at least once; see verse Nehemiah 8:9). There was a group of the Yisraeliym who had gone to Jerusalem about twenty years before Ezra (there were three groups who returned to Jerusalem, several years apart), and although they celebrated Sukkot when they first arrived in Jerusalem, over time they had intermarried with the locals, and the result was that they had forgotten the Torah––again (Ezra 9:1). When Ezra arrived in Jerusalem, he read the Torah to the Hebrews who had already returned to Jerusalem. The Hebrew people wept when they heard the words of the Torah for the first time in twenty years (Nehemiah 8:9). Afterward, they kept God’s Torah faithfully––for about two hundred years, but by then the traditions of the Parush had already begun and these eventually took over. The Parushim (Pharisees and today’s Jews) have never returned to the Torah (God’s Way)––not even today’s Messianic Jews. They still follow the traditions of the Pharisaic Talmud.

6. The Resurrection of the Dead: Ezekiel 37

Ezekiel 37 is not speaking of the resurrection of the dead in the messianic age, it is speaking of the rebirth of the nation of Israel––the whole chapter speaks of this monumental event. However, there are many things that God calls eternal. Proverbs 10:25 tells us that the righteous have an eternal foundation. The Torah does indeed speak of eternal life, which means that there will be another resurrection (miqra). There are several places where God makes eternal promises to His people in the Hebrew Scriptures. To name a few, Bereshit 9:16 and Psalm 105:10 where the eternal Covenant God made between Himself and His people is mentioned. Bereshit (Genesis) 17:8 and 48:4 where the eternal possession of the land of Israel is mentioned. Shemot (Exodus) 40:15 where the eternal priesthood is mentioned. Vayikra (Leviticus) 16:34 speaks of an eternal statute. In Isaiah 56:5 God’s everlasting Name is spoken of. Isaiah 45:17 tells us that there is eternal salvation. And in Habakkuk 3:6 God’s Way is eternal. An eternal covenant, eternal possession, eternal priesthood, an eternal statute and eternal salvation, and of course God’s eternal Way all imply that there will be eternal life for God’s people––you can’t have these eternal things without God’s people. God’s Way is eternal because it was designed specifically for life for His people. Therefore there will be a resurrection for God’s people.

7. Restoring God’s Covenant

Jeremiah 32:39, Ezekiel 36:26-27 and Psalm 51:10 all speak of God restoring His Covenant to His people. As mentioned above, all of these verses use the Hebrew word chadashah, which is unfortunately always translated as “new,” but this word really means restored, (from the root word chadash) or restored to its previous condition. Therefore there never was, nor will there ever be a new Covenant. How is it that restoring God’s covenant means to change God’s Way to Judaism? That is not what restoring God’s covenant means. It means He will re-teach His people (again!) what His Torah really states. All those things that are supposedly missing from the Torah (details on how to do things), were verbally passed down from generation to generation. However, many things were lost during the Babylonian exile. And since there was still much Egypt and Babylon in God’s people, these things were lost to the Hebrews, who now call themselves Jews. I think they tried to rewrite things as they remembered, but their memories were a bit off. The result? The Talmud.

8. The Seven Feasts of God

Scripture clearly outlines that there are seven distinct Feasts of God. But in the Hebrew Bible, the Feasts show as only five. And why are the Feasts not celebrated as outlined in the written Scriptures, but by Talmudic tradition instead? Why have they been changed? And what do the Feasts mean to the Jews? The whole of Judaism seems to be without hope in their definition of all the Bible holds. Why are the Feasts of God, as well as the blood, so underplayed in Judaism? They seem to belittle that which is most sacred to God.

9.  Zechariah's Prophecies

The Jews read Zechariah (and most of the Bible) so matter-of-fact or even literal, leaving absolutely no room for the spiritual (P’shat), and therefore seem to miss what is actually being said in most places. For instance, when Jeremiah 12:10 states that the Jews will mourn the death of the Messiah like a firstborn, this doesn’t mean that they will actually mourn His death, but their mourning will be for the loss of time of knowing the Messiah, because they rejected Him all this time. There were no Rabbis before the Babylonian exile, so how come the Rabbis have so much power now? And who gave them the authority to make laws for the people? And what is it with the Rabbis pronouncing the tav as if it is an “S?”

I have one comment for the Rabbi that makes Cholent on Shabbat, and thinks he has found a loophole by leaving one hand on the crock pot: besides the crockpot being hot and the “fire lit” below it, lifting that heavy crock pot is heavier than car keys. Yahweh Yeshua is Lord of Shabbat, and He did not make any of those stupid rules. Traditions of Man Clearly the Pharisaic (Jewish) traditions of man made it into the New Testament––in error––and subsequently into congregations of Christianity, and the Messianic congregations as well. These traditions of man are from the Jewish Talmud, NOT the Hebrew Scriptures. Therefore, these traditional practices should not be a part of our lives or worship––they are NOT in the Scriptures.

My Response to the Rabbis' Accusations

Updated November 16, 2019